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People, think back to the day of Benghazi! What was the ambassador doing in Benghazi at that time? I believe he was involved in Obama's gun running to his muslim friends and was not supposed to be attacked by them. You can't trust savages so they did what they have been trained from birth to do, kill non muslims. This is the story that obama can't allow to get out.
What would you bet that Carney is paid millions of dollars (tax payer money) NOT to write a tell all book when he is finally out of the (making up) news business. If that doesn't work he will just disappear with a explanation of heart attack, accident, suicide, etc, etc, etc. Our government has lots of stories.
I believe the problem is, they - along with the government - are trying to give every group of people who come to the United States a little country of their own right here in our country. It they loved their countries so much and want their own language, their own flags, their own customs, etc., etc., why did they come here. These people do not want to be Americans, they just want all the "good stuff" here. Because of our politicians begging for votes and bigger and bigger government, they all get much more than the tax paying citizens do. When government began to decide which laws they want to enforce and which ones they don't want to enforce is when we started losing America. We are on a very steep slope right now and I'm not sure we can get back on an even course.
I totally believe that the TSA was created to increase the size of the Federal Government. When it was being set up at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center at Glynco, GA, the selected people in charge bragged that they were going to be the biggest Government Agency in the world. I questioned why they were needed since there were already two layers of security at the airports – airport security and local law enforcement. The reply was that those people were not “trained”. My response – Train them! Now we have at least three layers and they fall all over each other. They love the “blame” game. I am driving for two 8 hour days this year for Christmas with my family because I can no longer deal with the airports. There are more than a few agencies that need to go away, but these one should be at the top of the list.
I don't believe that Obama is Democrat, Republican, or anything American. I believe that he was groomed by the muslim world to do exactly what he is doing. Nothing else makes sense.
I totally agree with you. Only two scenarios makes any sense. One: Benghazi was being used by the Obama people to supply arms to the muslim terrorist (The ambassador whould have to be in on it) and Two: I have heard (rumor?) that this was a planned kidnapping by the Obama people to promote his agenda. The ambassador was supposed to be taken and the US would go in and "save" him. The thing went bad and people actually tried to defend themselves causing the terrorists to take over the whole thing. I believe that is why Obama gave the command to "stand down" hoping things could still go his way.
If and when Holder steps down, is fired, forced out, etc. will depend on whether Obama has another muslim/communist "friend" to give his position. If the DOJ crimes get too hot for Obama to handle, he will ask his BFF to step aside and appoint someone just like him (bowing down to the muslim in charge) to that position.
What happened to the 33 (or more) Benghazi witneness'? Has anyone seen or heard from them? That's a lot of people to just disappear. Wonder how much that little job costed the tax payers....
Their money (actually our tax dollars) can be spend anyway they want to spend it. Obama doesn't believe that we the people should infringe on their choices. The liquor and cigarette stores in my area have big signs in the windows saying "We now accept food stamps". The more the government can control peoples lives, the better for big government.
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Mr. President: Chuck Hagel! Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 9:16 AM
Obama's objective is to destroy the United States. He has proven that in many of his decisions so this is just another way to shove it down our throats. We have no one in our government to stand up for us and against the imposter.
I totally love a happy ending.
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