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The people inside the Beltway are so brainwashed. Could it be the global warning air they are forced to breathe. Keep your eyes open for who votes for what and make your representatives aware that you know. Then when they are up for reelection, vote them out - over and over until we get someone who loves America and the citizens of this country.
This is just another way our very muslim government is trying to control the citizens. I can't even imagine where they get the idea that they can control even the food our children eat. We must fight them at every level even if it doesn't affect our own lives. My kids are adults now, but this is shameful.
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Immigration Is American

Netaric9@att.net Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 10:00 AM
These people do not want to come to the United States to be American. They want their own flag, their own language, their own customs. They want their countries here in the States so they live high on American tax dollars. They want education (some of them), free medical, free food, free housing, free, free, free. Nothing is free. I have a hard time paying for myself and can not afford the money deducted from my measly retirement to pay for freeloaders. They have and are loyal to their own countries, send them back and let their countries take care of them. What, you mean they won't get so much free stuff back home? I say too bad.
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Boycott Burger King?

Netaric9@att.net Wrote: Sep 01, 2014 9:18 AM
The only reason that I boycott Burger King is their ideas on homosexuality. Anyone who pushes their sexual orientation on the public is part of the problem of the decline in morals in America..
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Holder's Tantrum

Netaric9@att.net Wrote: Aug 23, 2014 5:06 PM
You have to wonder how much money is going into sharpten's pocket over this one. It is such a shame that race baiters like him and Jackson make out like the bandits they are anytime they can promote a race war.
I am so sick of the racist people in this country. Yes, I am sick of obama, holder and their race baiters, jackson and sharpton. Most racism comes from the black people, a small amount from whites and other nationalities. The black communities even are racist against their own people depending how dark or light they are. Of course they have been taught to use the race card since birth so it's not surprising.
Don't forget all the foul language she uses against her Secret Service guards. I'm very sure they do not admire her.
$50,000. That would not even pay one of the IRS employee's yearly bonus' for being such wonderful employees. What a bunch of malarkey.
Do these people have to go to a four year Liars College to get their jobs?
Carney is going to go away (paid off as a multi millionaire) or his body is going to show up DEAD. Accident, overdose, natural causes, etc. Doesn't matter - many people are now missing because they disagreed, quit or got in the way. Don't even think of a "Tell All Book". Bet that subject has already been covered big time.
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