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The Blind Sheik and Our Mute President

nepatsfan Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 6:11 PM
We are not seeing any resistance from Republicans....when Bachman talked about the connection between Muslim Brotherhood & Hillary's assistant, Republicans were the first to vilify her! Solution is to challenge the primary of all the RINOs - conservatives & libertatians who agree upon some common prinicples should contest every republican representative & senator. If this does not work, since the primaries are so rigged (it is as bad as a 3rd world country!)...then no other go but to start a 3rd party! There is no significant difference between Dems & Repulicans.....few times Dems will win (no different than RINOs losing agian & again) but republican party will die (a la whigs) & new party will represent we the people!
Janet355 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 8:47 PM
Speak for yourself John......I am nothing like a dem dum. I am an independent and if your set on throwing blame around...I'd say the Obama/Davis puppets have got a lock on it. Even what has come out today...and the dems are seeing for sure:(in their paychecks) that the liar in chief is not choosey who he lies to. He used the dem dums as long as he needed them....and now they are going under the bus as well.
Egypt's terror-coddling President Mohamed Morsi has repeated his arrogant demand that America free convicted 1993 World Trade Center mastermind Omar Abdel-Rahman. I'd like to report that President Obama repeated his unequivocal rejection of the Muslim Brotherhood leader's entreaties. But as of this writing, no such public statement or restatement yet exists.

That's right. Obama has kept mum about Morsi's vociferous lobbying on behalf of Abdel-Rahman, the "blind sheik," who is serving a life sentence at a maximum-security prison in North Carolina for seditious jihad conspiracy. The commander in chief's silence speaks volumes.

Morsi started publicly haranguing the U.S. to have mercy on the...