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Congressional Liberals: This Fiscal Cliff is Pretty Great, Actually

nepar Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 8:47 AM
Rand Paul, Political-strategy-platform-leadership now through 2014-16 ! The Tea Party isn't about the RINO'S, Neo-Cons, so those who don't support the pro-USA, pro-USC, pro-States-citizens-Rights Tea Party are lying progs ! Bob Grant on his radio show just confirmed that it was the massive-amount-of-womens-votes who defeated the fake-Cons-RINO-Neo-Con-Leadership-controlled Rep Party ! Not the other groups propped-up by the fake-Cons-RINO-Neo-Con Leaders, Hannity, Kudlow, Rove, Graham, Krystal, others, as the reason ! It was and is the womens vote that made the difference ! Starting now, we all need to tell our Congrsmn-Sentrs to genuinely talk-with-listen-to-women in their-own-language. We need alot more women-R-candidates 2012-16 !

No, you aren't dreaming.  This post is a virtual facsimile of the 'fiscal cliff' piece I authored two weeks ago, replete with many of the same discouraging bells and whistles -- Democrats reveling in their leverage advantage, public opinion polls spelling doom for Republicans, and no tangible progress on the actual task at hand.  If that sentence wasn't enough of a morale boost for you, feel free to read on.  Liberals in Congress, led by incoming Senate Budget Committee Chair Patty Murray, are ostentatiously demonstrating an insatiable appetite for fiscal cliff-diving.  Their...