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You are not history scholar are you.
This guy broke the law. Not trying to feed his family like the undocumented. He couldnt find a job so he was probably running guns. Do the crime, do the time.
There has been no domestic failures to speak. I dont count the fake scandals.
Well is running dry? This list isnt very good. President Obama will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents ever.
Why do topics on race get so many comments?
Why would Laura Bush or Nancy Reagan have to say anything like that? Are you from planet mars?
The democrats and Robert Byrd made them racist.
Once again we see its not about fixing the problem its about blaming Obama for something. You people would destroy this country to get Obama. sick
Jive? With people like you around, there will always be a need for the NAACP
I just want to know who was this law intended to affect
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