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That would work.. But seeing as though white people use welfare way more than black people it wouldnt make that much of a difference
This is not a scandal. This is an innate problem with bureaucracy that existed long before Obama took office.
Like a good soldier he fell on his sword. Sorry conservatives will stop at nothing to satisfy their obsession.
Its good to know that they still have limbs to applaud with since Obama has pulled us out of 2 misguided wars. Obama has kept this country safe.. Thank you Mr President for keeping us safe.
Russia and China are always making pacts and alliances. Iran or Persia are an advanced people with a wonderful history. Putin has just withdrawn his troops and who cares about Europe anyway. Keystone is really not need and we need an alternative to oil anyway. Obama has kept us safe.. case closed
Still trying to figure out which country rivals America? Who are you afraid of coward?
We have been pretty safe for those long year. I dont know how painful being safe is.
Thank you President Obama for a great speech and keeping this country safe. Thats all that needs to be said.
Embracing them with drone strikes
You are not history scholar are you.
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