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Townhall writer actually used Diane Feinstein to support her argument. Taliban never attacked us. The war is over. No need to keep going on and on and on.
I thought North Korea already had nukes?
Bin Laden attack on 9/11 not the Taliban. Pretty sure these five POW's knew nothing about it.
If the Taliban attacks US soldiers in Afganistan, they are still "terrorist"?
They were defending their country. We attacked them remember?
A lot of maybes. We should leave American solders behind on speculation? Sick sick conservatives.
so we should not have gotten him back?
We torture. we water board and all kinds of stuff. Please step off you high horse before you fall.
so how long should we keep the people at Gitmo from their families and homes? When has a country ever kept prisoners of war after the war has ended? President Obama has ended the longest war in U.S history and its time these POWs go home.
That would work.. But seeing as though white people use welfare way more than black people it wouldnt make that much of a difference
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