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Cant wait for Jeb to take office huh Stan?
I like China, they have an amazing history. Why do you see enemy's around every corner? By the way..no way we can compete with China man per man. How about we develop new tech and sell them stuff?
Military buildup is what destroyed the Soviet Union and caused huge deficits during the Reagan era. We had better learn our lesson from history and not play the who's got more guns game, it will destroy us.
Mom and pop stores? lol You must mean Walmart and they don't provide a living wage anyway.
America? That picture doesn't look like America. Maybe Crimea or somewhere near the Caucus Mountains.
I will vote for Jeb so we can elect our second Black president after Jeb screws things up.
Ken, thats what they said right before Obama was elected.
wasnt Cruz born in Canada?
And Mr. Holder has chosen not to enforce this bigoted law.. I see we agree
what part of africa? Africa happens to be the second largest continent on the planet.. what country in Africa does slavery still exist?
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