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Im new to this planet and I wonder why Black people would vote for another Black person in the United States of Amerikka? why did that happen?
Not true... the whole world knew Obama was better than McCain. the whole wide world!
Did you know Egypt is in Africa?
Desperate much.. old news.. nothing to see here..move along
more like a major in BS not PS.. you clown
You like your computer to work in order to see Black guys put ball through hoops.. lol
Why get out? We have a Black president now.. All of Americas sports and entertainment icons are Black. Maybe you should get out. Black people have taken over..
So what? Look at the Republicans now.. Newt Gingrich is no substitute for Abe Lincoln. Republicans are the party of bigots and everyone Black person in Amerikkka knows it. Unless you write for Townhall.
There is a one drop rule in the united states of amerikkka.. read your history derp.
lol.. i think i made my point.. He was not Black.. President Obama is the First Black president.. and many racist have a hard time dealing with the fact that the Leader of the Free World is Black.. but he is and I like.
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