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Black Swan or Black Clouds?

Neocyte Wrote: Jul 19, 2014 1:37 PM
You mean Earnest lied last week stating that Obama's legacy would be bring "global tranquility". Yes, that dud is eating Obama's crack cake. I'm not sure why the other two branches of government can't override Obama for ineptitude and take away his power altogether. They do that when the head of military is found incompetent.
Obama is a Islamic mole and of course all that has happened was by design. I think the reason Obama didn't go in to rescue the Americans during the Benghazi attack was that they were betting on everyone in the compound being eliminated and consider to be collateral, since we have been supplying the terrorist with arms, the weapons that killed the Americans could be our own. They didn't want the real truth to come out that's why no one were allowed in to do the forensics after the attack. I'm certain they didn't know two other seals didn't stand down and left questionable neglect on the US government part. All who were involved allowed this tragedy to happen shouldn't sleep too well, the truth will surface because too many people knew what really happened. Unless you are Obama or Holder without conscious, they will talk. JMO!
Obama has lit a torch and started the bonfire of America, the flame is increasing in size daily since the other two branches of government are sleeping on the job. Obama has broken enough laws and tramped on our constitution that he needs to be forced to resign. Not sure if we can survive two and half more years of Obama as a country.
Ms. Malkin, I hope you are reading this, I've been blocked from making comments on twitchy by a moderator for reasons unknown and not able to get in touch with this person. Is there something you can do to help?
Davis = Elizabeth Warren, More lies of who they really are.
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America — Imagine the World Without Her

Neocyte Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 4:43 PM
Regardless if Americans know or not, we are anchor for the world's stability. Obama's lack of ability to lead has destabilized the balance of the world. Evil respects power not weakness, the action of Obama's last four and half years have shown that Americans no longer want to lead, less compassionate powers such as China and Russian are only too willing to take the stage. Obama needs to be forced to resign, impeachment will take too long, I think a psychologist can declare that Obama is a sociopath just by all his action, therefore mentally incapable for the position of presidency. JMO.
Left's only talking point is who can be our victim for propaganda no matter the issue.
At least 10X better than Hillary's boring book of lies.
NOW should change its name to AWO, serving "androgynous women only".
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Best News Ever: Obama is Worst Ever!

Neocyte Wrote: Jul 07, 2014 4:40 AM
8% who thought Oblunder is the best are basically crackheads.
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