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Jesse Jackson Praises Legacy of Chavez

NeoConScum Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 6:03 PM
"....and, like my beloved son, Jesse Junior, Comrade Hugo swindled $2-Billion Dollars outta his misbegotten countrymen. Lord, I ask that Commissar Chavez speak to my boy in his dreams and tutor that embarrassing wretch on better and sleazier ways to con, grift, snake-oil and embezzle from our Chicago amigos...."
That's it, McJuan...Protect us from the new bloods,'Yo!! Rand's a wacko, but it was John-Boy & Charlie Grahamnesty McCarthy with their pointy heads buried up to the shoulders on The Boy King's backside at that elitist slickster-dinner. What a pathetic joke.
Senor Hugo: I thiiiiink I smell sulphur, Amigo. Yep, I do. I smeeeeeeLLLL sulphur emanating from your new home, El Muerto. (-: Hasta la Bye-Bye..!
McJuan & Lindsay Grahamnesty are embarrassing. John Boy, this whole Senator Forever thing is sooooooooooooooooo old hat Democrat Fecal matter. Go home, Johnny. WAY past time. The degree of NEEDINESS you display in craving approval from Dems simply sucks the ions outta the air, Bud. And, Lindsay...You're nuthin' more than McJuan's Charlie McCarthy...Without the humor.
PL...LP...AP...(!!): Still refusing to undergo the enhanced torture of exposure to critical thinking, evidence and FACT. Dodd-Frank--whom GWB tried repeatedly to Repeal--and the out of control spending and clinical insanity of Democrat controlled Senate & House. Ahhhh, but you know this...(-: (*But, on a mutually enjoyed news front: Missus Neo succesfully stalked Roger the Rocket onto a MLB Ball yesterday in Kissemmee and Miguel Cabrerra on one in Lakeland on Saturday.*)
UUuuummmmm..."...Charlie Crist...2010 Senate bid was sunk in large part from one hug with the president..." Nonsense. Let me make it more clear: BULL***T. The smarmy, lying Charlie was sunk due to not keeping his nationally broadcast pledge to leave the race if Marco Rubio beat him in the Republican Primary. He's now jumped parties(to our Republican delight)and has uncloseted himself as the Lib-Dem he's long been. He's planning to run against Gov.Rick Scott next year and, YUMMY, we cannot wait!!
Go for it, Mister Prezzy!! Your Senate footstools will support your efforts to destroy us as a mighty power. GO for it, yer Infantile Majesty!! NO MO BO!! NO MO BO!! NO MO BO!!
Dear Heroic Devin McClean: Bummer. But, hey, Bob Costas is real proud of your Manager.
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Rick Santorum Redux?

NeoConScum Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 9:06 PM
RICK: Focus, Duuuude...You couldn't get yourself re-elected to a 2nd term as Senator from Pennsylvania. Now, please STF U & go away.
...and, largely, they've succeeded. Kuck, Blessed us, huh?
Yeah, Docky, but Jay-Z & Beyonce got sum'yummy photos of The Boy King at their Doo'.
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