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Uummmmmmmm...Yer kinda SLOW, arent'cha Muddy?! (-: Focus now, Honey Mud: The descriptive was EXACTLY His Infantile Majesty AND Teddy Boy Cwuuuuz. Duuuhhhhhhhhh... (-:
Irving Kristol, Charles Krauthammer and Thomas Sowell for me, Sweetie Pie.
BINGO, Ken!! Duuhhhhhhh....(-:
DOPE. Slope. DOPE. Nope. DOPE. Rope. DOPE. Soap. DOPE. Lemme seeeeee... Yep, as I was confidently suspecting, The DOPES have it.
Is there any 'key advisor' north of the age of 12 in the f***ing white house?
Mitch: GOOOOD on'ya, Boyo!!! A tad tardy, perhaps, but GOOOOOD anyway. Your easy re-election is guaranteed and it oughta be. Feckless Harry is Lying Slime.
Petrus: You're attempting to talk sense to a Black Hole of Need. Just feedin' the malignant fool.
Obam-Bam giving Responsible Budget lessons to our 'Yoot is exactly like a VERY, VEERRRRY BUSY HOOKER giving Virginity Lessons.
Like the seemingly ENDLESS list of Liberal-Left "Feel Goods" this one is self-defeating, dishonest, destructive and STUPID. Yet---and this is what's important in Lefty World---IT FEELS GOOOOOOOOOOD. Got it??
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Jesse Jackson Praises Legacy of Chavez

NeoConScum Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 6:03 PM
"....and, like my beloved son, Jesse Junior, Comrade Hugo swindled $2-Billion Dollars outta his misbegotten countrymen. Lord, I ask that Commissar Chavez speak to my boy in his dreams and tutor that embarrassing wretch on better and sleazier ways to con, grift, snake-oil and embezzle from our Chicago amigos...."
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