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Christie & the President

NeoConScum Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 11:18 AM
He's doing what he's gotta do for his badly hurricained state. Duuuhhhhhh...! It ain't gonna swing ANY votes to Obam-Bam...or, did I mean Obambenghazi...? Early voting--in vast numbers here in Florida, for instance--is going heavily for Mitt & Paul. Michigan is--for GAWDSAKE--in play...Pennsylvania's in play...Iowa & Wisconsin & Ohio...AND Minnesota is close to tipping....Florida will go for Mitt and it's looking like Virginia may very well do the same...Can you say Colorado,'Yo..?

It has been amazing to see Chris Christie's enthusiastic embrace of President Obama in the last 24 hours. What's going on? Of course, Christie knows his state will need plenty of federal help. But his enthusiastic endorsement of the President goes beyond the kind of polite working relationship one would expect to see at this point between a top Romney surrogate and the incumbent president Romney is trying to defeat. Christie is offering Obama political gold -- one final chance to portray himself as the bipartisan bridge-builder that he's failed to be for the last 45 months.

Is Christie somehow piqued...