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Thanks ABC: Falsely Accused Tea Party Member Now Receiving Threats

nemar Wrote: Jul 21, 2012 7:50 AM
people expect the Treaty not to go into effect unless it's ratified in the US Senate, and that it will be defeated entirely there ASAP, after it's signed by H-Clinton, B-Obama ! But legally Obama is not under any obligation to submit the Treaty for ratification, he can hold onto it as long as he wants to ! Since Ratification is actually 2ndary to becoming a "Signatory to the Treaty." and because becoming a "Signatory" carries its own obligations, Which requires the US to participate in the "Treaty," Under the "Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties." That is, we are legally obligated to do nothing to counter or otherwise interfere with this Treaty, While ratification is being considered, regardless how unlikely the prospect of
southern tom Wrote: Jul 21, 2012 9:26 AM
...THERE may be some merit to what you've written, nemar, but Clinton's hubby was a "signatory to the Treaty" in Kyoto, which would have mandated severe and destructive reduction in green house emissions, but it was never ratified by the Senate, and never went into effect...

...WITHOUT ratification, the Left can only attempt to slide it in from the side, like they're doing with Agenda-21...
nemar Wrote: Jul 21, 2012 7:52 AM
ratification might be !

Therefore, by simply being a "Signatory," the Obama/Hillary anti-gun, anti-2nd-Amdt position threatens our USC right to possess firearms for hunting or self-defense,

Without appearing to be antagonistic to the US-Constitution to the average American !

It seems that there would-should be a US-law-rule, a maximum amount of time that a US-President can hold onto a "Signed-Treaty"

if the US-Congress tells him that they're ready to debate, vote to ratify or not ratify the "Treaty" !

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ABC's Brian Ross may have apologized for linking Colorado Tea Party member James Holmes to the alleged violent "Batman" shooter who killed 12 and wounded 59 others in the early morning hours today, but that hasn't stopped threats against Holmes from rolling in. More from Twitchy:



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