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Wow, Gloria Allred has really come into her own. We always knew her as a shake-down artist )No trumped up allegation was ever beneath her as long as the defendant had a pair of testicles and was not a registered democrat). But now, oh my goodness, she has reaching the Sharpton level of making money through schemes. Like her mentor (Al) maybe she will now become the CEO "Sexual Victimization Inc."
One must admit that in seeing president Obama voted into office, twice! no less, many in the country can safely presume that a) civic education and participation are things of the past, b) the attention span of the average American is less that a 30 sec sound bite, and c) the average American doesn't even know what 'economics' is or how to spell it. Given all this, yeah I can see how I would be inclined to agree that the average American (young democrats in particular) are, in deed, too stupid to understand Obamacare for the sham that it is.
Yes in deed. Her and Joe Biden should have been excommunicated decades ago. But, and this is where the church deserves criticism, since most of the liberal socialist agenda runs parallel with most Catholic organizations and dogmas, i.e. wealth re-distribution; open borders; unlimited welfare for the poor and illegals, the church finds itself in bed with the some very strange bedfellows who love their abortions on demand.
...Justice Kagan, is Catholic too... I thought Kagan was jewish?
"Clinton responded to criticism about such fees by saying the money had gone to the Clinton Foundation" Mrs Clinton: you see, I don't make any money. It goes right from my purse to another bank account with my name on it. So, I'm generous and poor. BTW what is the definition of "IS"?
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