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Chris Christie is one of the few Republicans capable of beating Hillary in 2016. It's not gonna happen for two reasons. First, Christie self-imploded on the GW bridge affair and second, the wingnuts aren't going to nominate him. They will instead cast their votes for the likes of Ted Cruz, Rick Perry etc.
Bush/Cheney and Iraq???
This whole fiasco is nothing but red meat thrown to the Obama haters. Before the Obama administration issued any Executive Order, you can bet your bottom dollar it was cleared through the Justice Dept. Now, it is possible that a court may disagree with those opinions, but very doubtful. All this will really do is to motivate Democratic voters for the 2014 election and disgust the truly independent voters to vote against the Republican party.
Rick Perry has three major points to discuss-Oh Damn, what was that last one? Oops...
By low information voters, I'm sure you are referring to Fox News viewers.
Given that Real Clear Politics polls have Hillary Clinton beating any and all Republican candidates, it will be the mission of Fox News and the rest of the conservative media to trash her at any and every opportunity. RCP results here:
What's to stop any voter from changing his/her party affiliation? Cannot a R decide he would rather be a D or vice-versa? Are you the voter party police who will decide what party any given voter can align himself with? How about the true independent who decides that his political leanings are more closely aligned with one party for one election and the other party for the next? My earlier post called this entire affair a fool's errand and your suggestions are even more so.
Seems like a fool's errand to me. Even if the McDaniel campaign finds the 3300 "questionable voters", how is he going to prove who they voted for? Short of rounding them all up, putting them under oath and questioning them as to who they voted for, how is anything to be proven (and that's not counting the illegality of something like that)? McDaniel lost, Cochran won and that's going to be the end of it.
I guess we will see over the next few years if guns everywhere translates into less gun deaths or more. Welcome to the laboratory, boys and girls!!!
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BREAKING: SCOTUS Sides With Hobby Lobby

Neil99 Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 11:32 AM
Following is a quote from Reuters: "In a majority opinion by conservative Justice Samuel Alito, the court said the ruling applies only to the birth control mandate and does not mean companies would necessarily succeed if they made similar claims to other insurance requirements, such as vaccinations and blood transfusions." How long before that statement is challenged by a group of Jehovahs Witnesses who believe that blood transfusions are against their religious tenants? How about if I establish a religion that teaches all cancer is from God and can only be cured by prayer? Any employees I would provide insurance for would not be covered for any cancer treatment. The list goes on and on. I advocate for a medical standard of care that is required to be covered under all insurance plans. This medical standard of care would be decided upon by doctors who are the acknowledged experts in their fields.
A significant portion of the problems with the Republican party can be laid at the feet of the 2010 redrawing of congressional districts done by Republican controlled legislatures. The gerrymandering that was done to create safe Republican districts is now coming back to bite them in the butt. By making a district "safe" for any Republican candidate, the most strident, rightwing candidate is the one that emerges. These Tea Partiers may not be elected in the general or, as so often has happened, they come to Congress with an attitude of "my way or the highway" and nothing gets accomplished.
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