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Nice "big tent" strategy, Republicans. As the Hispanic vote grows in size (and importance), it's great to see that Conservatives thumb their collective noses at them. You are driving them into the Democratic party by the millions and there the Hispanics will stay for a minimum of two generations.
The information is already out there. Google it and read the reports. The only purpose of this one is to fundraise from the most gullible donors of both parties. It will be like mating sterile elephants-there will be lots of trumpeting and noise at high levels and two years later, nothing...
Enjoy the dog and pony show. Republicans will thunder and make veiled threats and nothing will happen.
TH must be on the Rick Perry bandwagon, this is the second article on his candidacy today. The geek glasses and dumping of the cowboy boots are an attempt to shed the hick status. It'll never work as the video of his disastrous performance in a 2012 debate is on Youtube for everyone to peruse. The "oops" ending will forever brand him as a dunce.
Rick Perry has an uphill battle to be president. The geek glasses and dumping of the cowboy boots is an attempt to change his image. The insurmountable problem, however, is the video of his flubbed debate performance where he forgot the name of the third government agency he would eliminate. The Youtube video of his "oops" will haunt him forever and maintain the impression of a dunce.
Chris Christie is one of the few Republicans capable of beating Hillary in 2016. It's not gonna happen for two reasons. First, Christie self-imploded on the GW bridge affair and second, the wingnuts aren't going to nominate him. They will instead cast their votes for the likes of Ted Cruz, Rick Perry etc.
Bush/Cheney and Iraq???
This whole fiasco is nothing but red meat thrown to the Obama haters. Before the Obama administration issued any Executive Order, you can bet your bottom dollar it was cleared through the Justice Dept. Now, it is possible that a court may disagree with those opinions, but very doubtful. All this will really do is to motivate Democratic voters for the 2014 election and disgust the truly independent voters to vote against the Republican party.
Rick Perry has three major points to discuss-Oh Damn, what was that last one? Oops...
By low information voters, I'm sure you are referring to Fox News viewers.
Given that Real Clear Politics polls have Hillary Clinton beating any and all Republican candidates, it will be the mission of Fox News and the rest of the conservative media to trash her at any and every opportunity. RCP results here:
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