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A co-worker of mine took a vacation to D.C. She had a map sent to her that had entire sections of our national city shaded and said "If you are white, we strongly suggest that you avoid these neighborhoods for your own protection." That was shortly after the OJ Simpson trial. Another friend of mine who grew up in Baltimore said that there were neighborhoods where he was afraid to go without one of his black friends as an escort. A friend and former co-worker was mugged and beaten at a bus stop in ultra-liberal Seattle by, you guessed it, a group of young black men who were "wilding". Remember that trend from the early 90s? Many blacks (like Sharpton) are so heavily invested in black victimization that they don't WANT racial tensions to ease
There is only one race, the Human Race. There seven different breeds of humanity, but we are all the same species, Homo Sapiens.
Sharpton was granted an honorary reverendship when he was NINE YEARS OLD! He is no more an actual religious leader than Col. Sanders was a military leader.
I've been saying that for years. The seven branches of humanity are like the different breeds of dog. There are differences in appearance, but we are all the same species, Homo Sapiens. There is only one race. The Human Race.
Hey now, pit bulls are loving, smart, loyal animals and wonderful companions. Don't you dare defile these noble creatures by comparing them to hate pimps like Sharpton.
addendum to Jim's translation: I surrender, but I'm going to throw as much sh!t at you on my way out the door as I possibly can to smear you too.
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