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Ron Paul is a demented old fool who is a living, breathing arguement for age limits on people in Congress. His non-chalant "oh well, you live by the sword..." comment is an affront to all servicemen and women who live with the consequences of defending freedom throughout the world.
"a policy of non-violence". How naive. Do any of you Paulistinians actually think the bad guys will just leave us alone if we pack up and go home? No. They want to destroy America. Their very lives are spent dreaming and devising ways of killing Americans, Christians, Jews, uppity women, i.e. any woman who wants an education or dares to not like being ritualistically raped by a man 40 years her senior, and anybody else who is on their sh!t list that day. Ron Paul should be treated like Grandpa Munster---given a room in the basement and put a heavy chair on the door.
it's not a lie, it's one man's opinion. an opinion the vast majority of Americans agree with, or else he would be in the White House right now. he runs the most ineffectual campaign in the history of the Libertarian Party, then switches to the GOP to try to appeal to a bigger audience, who laughed him right out of the primaries.
how is expressing her opinion making stuff up?
It wasn't necessary to declare war on Iraq. The U.N. declared Iraq a rogue state and told Saddam Hussein 18 times over a 13 year period to allow their weapons inspectors into the country to prove he had no more WMDs, which everybody knew he had, because he had used them on the Kurds and on Iran during the Iran-Iraq war. When he refused for the very last time, they authorized the use of military force to remove his regime from power, and the United States, being the only truly global military force, was joined in that mission by military assets from 33 other countries. That's why war was never declared on Iraq.
100% of babies who enter an abortion clinic come out dead.
just because Ms. Powers is a Democrat doesn't mean she is a kool-aid drinking liberal
if they do, it should have Obama's picture on it.
Got news for ya, Rev: The capital gains tax that Romney paid is lower than your income tax rate because it's already been taxed once when he earned it. He chose to re-invest his profit in various ventures with no guarantee of seeing that investment make a profit. That is also why liberal hero Warren Buffet paid a smaller % (but a much larger gross amount) than his secretary, who manages to live pretty well on the paltry $200k salary she draws from Mr. Buffet.
Switzerland is a free and prosperous nation. They have a high standard of living. They have a very low crime rate. They also have compulsory military service for every man and woman, and they KEEP their service weapons when they go back to civilian life. They are expected to maintain readiness to defend their homes and their country, much like the Minutemen of our own Revolutionary War. Logic would suggest that the reason why they've managed to keep their freedom, their soveriegnty and their improbably low crime rate is because any potential burglar or invader KNOWS that there is someone in every single house with a military-grade weapon and the knowledge of how to use it.
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