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25 Questions about What the Hell has Happened to America

Neekohlass Wrote: Sep 04, 2012 6:03 PM
Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Paine helped write the Constitution. It was because key figures like these were no religious that the constitution flat out doesn't mention God. If you read Thomas Paine's Common Sense you'd probably be all for it, though you may object to his disrespect for religion from Islam TO CHRISTIANITY in "The Age of Reason."

When did...

1) ....Educated people become so unfamiliar with small business that they began to believe that a company will practically build itself as long as the government provides roads, street signs, and police?

2) ...Freedom change from something we should all be seeking to something we're supposed to be terrified to face without the government holding our hands?

3) ...We stop asking, "Can we afford this?" along with "Is this a good idea?" when it comes to government programs?

4) ...Demanding that people come to this country legally if they want to stay...