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New Akin Ad: Look, I'm Really Sorry

nee Wrote: Aug 21, 2012 2:42 PM
Whoops. Best acknowledge my spelling/typing or be called ignorant again...effective, and cortisol. The production of coritsol has varying effects on inhibiting the reproductive hormones and research suggests that over time Chronic stress can affect reproductive health as opposed to your" fight and flight" of eggs and hormones in the case of rape.

This ad is called "forgiveness:"

No one actually believes that Todd Akin is pro-rape.  His problem is that he spouted off biologically false nonsense and used the term "legitimate rape" while discussing the subject on television.  This suggests that Akin is either terribly misinformed, profoundly ill-equipped to run a competent Senate campaign, or not especially bright.  Or perhaps some combination of the three.  When one is forced to begin a political ad with a "clarification" that "rape is an evil act," one is in very...