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The Right and Wrong Approach to Tax Policy

Ned6 Wrote: Aug 02, 2012 5:21 PM
What we need is a Progressive Flat Tax (see the 10-25 Plan in "Fixing Everything"). Businesses would withhold the 25% flat tax, avoiding the need for individuals to file any annual income tax forms, not even a postcard. Separately, monthly cash payments would be received that bring everyone above the poverty line. From there they keep 75% of whatever they earn. For those who now pay taxes these payments would replace all tax deductions. Effective tax rates would be far more progressive than the current system, but fair to all.

“I personally don’t believe we ought to be raising taxes”

“You don’t raise taxes in a recession, which is why we haven’t and why we’ve instead cut taxes. So I guess what I’d say is … you don’t raise taxes in a recession. ”

“The real risk to this economy is on the side of slow down…and that means we’ve got to make sure that we don’t take gasoline out of the tank at the end of this year.”

If you thought these quotes regarding the extension of the current tax rates were from a Republican, I wouldn’t blame you. But...