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Why We Fight, er…Wait

Neal from PA Wrote: Sep 08, 2013 10:18 AM
“If the United States does not act to punish Assad it will send the wrong message to every rouge regime in the world.” That message was already sent three times: (1) Obama’s election in 2008 (2) during Obama’s “Apology Tour”; and again in 2012 upon Obama re-election to a second term. America is now weaker than it has ever been, an Obama is the proof. I do not believe Obama and his Administration are smart; for their ideology is without common sense. “Talking the Talk” without “Walking the Walk” does not promote creditableness. This Administration is without honor or creditability. Therefore has no one to lean on but themselves, this is a losing proposition in itself. They also exhibit all the symptoms of ADHD… making it difficult to manage the multiple tasks of governing, especially complex tasks that require organization, planning, and sustained focus. Actually, Obama is hoping the Congress will say NO WAY; because he really doesn’t want to take any action at all…unless that action can indirectly help his Muslim friends through some consequence of the action taken. I say indirectly, because Obama knows he could never directly show support for the Muslim Brotherhood or Al-Qaeda; but that is exactly what he desires most. Just look at what has transpired in the Middle-east since Obama was elected in 2008. Obama is not a leader, he is a follower; else he would not make statements that he has no intention of acting upon. He “talks the talk”, but fails to “walk the walk”; and exhibits all the symptoms of ADHD. Pay no attention to what he says, only what he does. And what he has done has hurt America every time he acts.