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We Are at a Turning Point

Neal from PA Wrote: Jul 12, 2012 11:54 AM
Obama and his Administration are neither leaders nor statesmen; they are nothing more than egotistical narcissists; plain and simple junior politicians, and not very good ones at that. Their speeches have been not only tardy and messy, but without emotion and do not come from the heart; and in no way are they courageous. They are Socialist/Marxist on a mission to “CHANGE” America into their image of what they think America should be. And their “HOPE” is that they can accomplish this before we “WAKE UP”. Together; Obama and his Administration have accomplished the one thing they did not expect, awaking the heart and soul of a sleeping giant called “America”.

Presently in America, nearly half of all households receive either a salary or substantial benefits from the government. Presently in America, nearly half of all adults pay no federal income taxes. Presently in America, the half that pay no income taxes receive the bulk of their income courtesy of the government, but ultimately from the half that do. This money is extracted involuntarily from the paying half by a permanent bureaucracy that extracts and gives away more each year no matter who is running the government. The recipients of these transfer payments rely upon them for subsistence, so they have a...