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Gun Nuts vs Anti-Gun Nuts

Neal from PA Wrote: Mar 11, 2013 9:21 PM
A culture, “where if you don’t get what you want then you act up”. Being “Politically Correct” is and has always been a bridge too far; and those that practice it are not to be trusted. The registration of guns and background checks only address the symptoms not the problem. The problem is people and the culture in which they live, not guns or gun ownership. Our society suffers from moral decline and a deficiency of personal responsibility…not from an excess of freedom that our Constitution provides. I have always believed (and no one has been able to convince me to believe otherwise), that it’s PEOPLE THAT KILL…guns are only one of many tools that evil and those mentally incompetent chose to accomplish their evil deeds.
Neal from PA Wrote: Mar 11, 2013 9:21 PM

Laws are made to protect you…a MISNOMER…show me one law that actually protects you. Laws are made to deter and punish the criminal act after it has been committed, not before.

Laws made by moral people are for moral people; criminals only respect the laws they want too. When a lawbreaker breaks the law he suddenly has rights to protect him…what about the victims of lawbreakers, where are their rights. They have none, only a Government that says it is protecting you.

The only person that can protect you from criminals is…YOU!

The battle rages on about whether this country wants to further restrict the availability of guns, the types of guns and the ammunition to be used in those guns. On one side is what is referred to as the Gun Nuts with the point being taken by the NRA. Then there are the Anti-Gun Nuts - you don’t hear that term do you? They are being led by many -- including our President -- who states he is just proposing “common sense” changes. Then there are those of us caught in the middle of a gun fight.

There are plenty of...