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Ezra Klein and the High Priests Channel Obama the Divine

Neal from PA Wrote: Apr 26, 2012 5:56 PM
Obama surely can “talk the talk”, but fails to “walk the walk”. He reminds me of others throughout history, with their ability to so quietly and enchantingly say one thing, mean and do another; and people will shake their heads in approval of the very things they oppose. What is amazing is they believe they have agreed with him. What is very scary is that history has also proven repeatedly; that those willing to agree without questioning are the first to die by the millions. Obama cannot avoid the fate of Jimmy Carter. He and his administration will go down in HISTORY as THE worst PRESIDENET and ADMINISTRATION this country has ever, or will ever have again. America has awakened to the messiah and his followers; and what they truly believe.

Obama no longer has a press operation.

Instead he holds high mass. On attendance are a bunch of progressive divines and shamans. They peer into the tea leaves or the scattered entrails of the sacrificial special interests du jour that the president has spread out for the jackals to eat.

The liberal high priests are then necessary to interpret for the rest of us what the tea leaves and smeared guts actually mean.

Apparently, we have reached the point where we can’t actually have the Word of the Messiah without the high priests interposing on our behalf.

The latest case of divination comes courtesy...

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