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Defending American Principles Is Now a Revolutionary Act

Neale2 Wrote: Jul 23, 2013 7:22 AM
And these are the principles we fail to promote internationally. After 'freeing' Afghanistan and Iraq, we allow those countries to write constitutions that ratify Sharia law that subjugates women and makes leaving Islam a capital crime. In Iran, we fail to support the Green Movement so Obama can work his magic on the Mullahs. In Egypt, we back Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood who immediately put a Sharia constitution in place. In South and Central America, we support left wing dictators. That our country is unique in the world in that it was formed to protect the God-given rights of the individual is still as revolutionary today as it was in 1776. Our founders understood Lerner and Holder (but probably in their wildest imagination could not have foreseen the EPA, Labor Dept., Energy Dept, Department of Education, etc.). We have a long struggle ahead of us.