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A few points for John. As a conservative, I am constantly making the same arguments. But the hard left captured Hollywood and NY, so the meme we fight against will continue apace. They will find a Christian who believes the world is only 6000 years old, and hold this person up as a representative of all Christians and all Republicans. We must not take the bait. We must stop being defensive and reject the notion we have anything to defend. If we see a lunatic leftist who believes in Gaia and meat is murder, etc., we don't require all liberals to explain they are not like this guy. And while I understand why you would want supplement makers to have to prove their claims, drug studies run into the millions and hundreds of millions of dollars. If someone believes that ginkgo biloba improves memory, I don't think the government should prevent them from gaining access to it.
A little early to be eating our own. Vanilla? Really. A conservative gets elected in a deep Blue state and fights (and wins) wars that Republicans have been avoiding for decades and you call him vanilla? Walker survived the communist-era witch hunt by democrat apparatchiks, and you call him vanilla? It's like calling Chris Kyle vanilla.
Do not mistake this simply as an attack on religion, which it surely is, but it is much more. This represents the state elevating political correctness above our Constitutional rights. There is no such thing as gay rights, women's rights, animal rights, or black rights. We all have the same rights. Gays, blacks and women are right to insist on having their Constitutional rights protected, but they are 100% wrong in thinking they have some special rights. The mayor is elevating the rights of LGBT above the fire chief's Constitutionally protected rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Imagine if the chief had been a vegan and wrote a book equating eating meet as murder. Would he be fired for creating a hostile work environment? Of course not. Now if he treated meat eaters with hostility, that would be a completely different matter. This is the face of the democrat party today. It is fascist and tyrannical. It wants to use the power of the state to suppress our rights, not protect them.
Good list. I would add that we need to stop thinking of racial groups monolithically. My black neighbors come from all over the country, have wildly divergent jobs, backgrounds and experiences. Same with hispanic, Jewish, etc. neighbors. What is cool about being American is you get to create and define yourself.
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Jeb Bush Vs. Ted Cruz

Neale2 Wrote: Dec 26, 2014 8:48 AM
As much as I like and respect Cruz, he is the flip side of Obama, a freshman senator with little managerial experience. President is an executive position. We need someone like Gov. Walker from Wisconsin who has fought this fight and won. We don't need an intellectual who does not know how to negotiate.
Establishment republicans are looking our for their own best interests, rationalizing that this is the smart play and best for the party in the long haul. They look upon the massive win this year as a validation of the intelligence of their strategy. I agree with the author's point that the establishment needs to stop attacking conservatives. But it was also be helpful if the establishment republicans could identify some conservative principles they actually believe in, like the rule of law, natural rights, limited government. Without that, the base will always view the establishment as traitors in our midst.
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Maybe President Obama is Just Trolling?

Neale2 Wrote: Nov 26, 2014 1:27 AM
Presidents getting elected does not necessarily mean they were elected legally. The Kennedy/Nixon election is a nice example. All presidents have their presidencies judged by historians, politicians, critics etc. and often assessments change over time. But I contend that Obama's re-election was fraudulent and achieved illegally. By using the IRS and other government agencies to suppress the grassroots opposition to his presidency, which had resulted in the devastating mid-term loss in 2010, he illegally won re-election (similarly, his dishonesty regarding Benghazi just weeks before the election additionally delegitimizes his second term). Many people on the left similarly believe that Bush's presidency was illegitimate because of the Supreme Court's intervention, but subsequent recounts confirmed Bush would have won even if the recounts continued. For several years, government officials have been lying about targeting, and when caught in these lies, have falling back on stonewalling. But if it is found that the Obama administration did indeed use the IRS as a political weapon, impeachment is the appropriate remedy.
Leftists are flagrantly violating the law, the Constitution, and court orders. This has been going on for years but has reached its apogee under the Obama administration. When the Attorney General refuses to comply with subpoenas and lies to Congress, and the President routinely violates the Constitutional bounds placed on his office, it should be expected that bureaucrats of DC will follow suit.
Are there no adults anywhere in the democratic leadership? The democrats have completely lost touch with the notion of shame. They will say and do anything, no matter how destructive it is to the social fabric. When you are talking with liberals, be very specific, and ask them if they support this.
George Bush committed us to a war on terror not a war on Islamic fascism (or whatever you want to call Muslims bent on world conquest). In both Afghanistan and Iraq, the new governments we installed both had Sharia in their constitutions. This would be the equivalent of allowing Nazism as a building block of post-WWII Germany. We must fight the oppression in the Mideast, in Russia, and South America with a clear declaration of principles based on human rights and freedom. For a soldier to risk all in the liberation of Iraq or Afghanistan to have his religion outlawed by government we made possible is insane.
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