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Why didn't McCain lay into that blithering idiot is beyond me, OH YEAH, McCain is a blithering idiot fuhkin tool too!
Looks like Shillary's in deep doo doo. So much for a presidential run. There's no way she will weather this storm of 4 dead Americans on her watch. Looks like It does make a difference Shillary! At this point it makes a huge difference! My only hope is that the Messia goes down with you.
As soon as the Democratic party has an issue with their signature legislation, OBAMACARE, they want to change the name just like every other failed Dem policy. Textbook Rules for radicals move!!!
WOW, You dumb sons of bitches are just figuring this out????? Where the hell were you for the last 5 years????
WOW, You dumb sons of bitches are just figuring this out????? Where the hell were you for the last 5 years????
This guy's father should have pulled out early OR his mother should have aborted him! There's too many gay's in this world. (Just taking a page out of his book, not the way I really feel)
And here they kept telling me the Tea Party and Veterans were the liars. Listen, The whole plan from the start was to crash our system. This includes destroying the U.S. dollar so the whole world will have to use, "Soro's Credits" for money. He has the most money invested in our failure so Soro's Credits doesn't sound too far off.
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The Devolution of Chris Christie

Neal99 Wrote: Feb 17, 2013 8:44 AM
Even Christie is smart enough to see that EVERYTHING Obummer touches turns to S.H.I.T! It's his own damn fault. Walking arm and arm with Obummer and yucking it up was all I needed to see to know there's a Rhino in NJ!
Why would I listen to that POS lie over and over again. We already know what this POS's true intentions are. Listen not to what he says but watch closely at what that POS does. He's the worst we ever had in office. Not a freakin clue what he is doing and if it were not for voter fraud, he wouldn't be there now. It's coming people, prepare yourself, this POS is going to overstep his authority and the American people will be there to fix the problem.
All this coming from a Rhino. Now it all makes sense.............keep kissing Obummers as* Mr. Christie. I'm sure as hell never voting for you!
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