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You have nailed the essence of what happens to a once grand nation after 60 or more years of leftist subversion in our major institutions. Try to get a professorial job in a college or university if you are a devout pro-constitutional conservative regardless of your academic achievements. You may thank the subversion by the ACLU, AARP and the NEA among many other corrupted agencies for this most extreme of maladies! If Obama wins (steals) another election, kiss America and your liberties goodbye! Until the patriots rescue it of course. Times will be rough.
This we call evidence of political and educational ignorance; would that all the libertarians and liberals remain home. Yes, there is a difference but not much...
Firstly, Bronco Bamma is a pseudo black who has fooled and beguiled the black racists and the guilt ridden self effacing liberals of all stripes. He is actually more arab than anything; or does that matter? Nope we want him out because his goal as a foreign agent is to destroy the American republic even were he to be green with a yellow stripe down his dorsal area. Have you seen Dinesh D'Souza's film essay lately in the local movie houses entitled, 2016? That ball of scholarly research explains it all eloquently.
Bronco Bamma executed for treason? One can only commit treason if he betrays the country to which he owes allegiance, by absolute definition. Has Ol' Bronco betrayed, Great Britain, Indonesia or Kenya? I think not. However, as an illegal alien he stands exposed for committing any or all of the following: espionage, usurpation of a national office, sedition, or violation of the RICO Statutes. Interestingly the punishment for these is the same. So why quibble? Just as long as we don't impeach him for that would automatically confer legitimacy on his worthless carcass even should he lose that trial; and it is a trial by our leaders in the Senate in which the House of Representatives acts as the prosecutor.
Interestingly enough, when Obama made that reference, at the time there were reputedly 57 caliphates in the world. What does this suggest? I have also received an e-mail rife with evidence that Obama wears a ring worn only by dedicated Moslems. I use our term and not theirs since it rankles the bastards who would despoil our nation by making it another caliphate and a third ranked hellhole at that. Have all of you seen Dinesh D'Souza's film essay entitled 2016? It was making the rounds in neighborhood theaters the last I heard. I saw it twice learning more data each time -- it is a spellbinder! It should be seen by every adult voting American.
Hello Joe, et al, Great evaluation you opined. Don't forget that Obama is an illegal alien who should not even be in the country much less having been in the US Senate. It makes no difference that his mother brought him in when he was a boy. Illegal is illegal! Anyone doubting my statement is invited to get a copy of his legal, legitimate birth certificate emanating from Kenya by asking at Even if you know this is a fact, as Obama has admitted it on several occasions, you may still want a copy anyhow. Just ask. I don't expect any governmental agency to act on this man's unconstitutional position but it is handy to have proof in your hand when challenged. This just might turn a few minds. We have work to do.
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Obama Would Double Down in a Second Term

Neal57 Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 5:01 AM
This old man is getting a similar message from an array of disparate sources saying that if Obama loses the upcoming election there will be massive civil insurrection in most of the major cities. We might also consider that if Obama and his minions steal another election there will likely be an even much bigger insurrection from across the depth and breadth of the nation. These are times which try men's souls indeed! Maybe Jefferson was correct when he opined that the price of liberty is the periodic payment of the blood of patriots. Public services and infrastructure may well shut down. Gasoline will become very scarce and electricity may cease - food will rot. Lay up 30 days worth of canned food, fresh H20; keep your powder dry.
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