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Murray looks masculine ... udall - ... for sure libbies
Obummer and the libs ... tax .. spend ... waste. Their goal a bankrupt USA!
This guy is considered a HIGH CLASS Mexicano.
This old hag is still alive? Geez! 76 abortions and still hanging on?
This abortion retard ... once a loser ... forever a loser.
How utterly stupid Were millions dying on the streets before Obummercare?
Libtard heathens will lose again. They are in freefall.
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The President's VA Nonsense

Neal37 Wrote: May 31, 2014 1:13 AM
Fact: Libs have despised the military since the Carter years/ Next!
No more obummer f(ckups. Wait until we have a non traitorous President
Demento Dean ... crazier than ever.
Typical brain dead libber ... hates the troops
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