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thats not a word, imbecile-it is an acronym
they dont, idiot-gays are fighting for equal rights-just like them "uppity" blacks did 50 years ago-now please die off-your hatred is disgusting
and majority call you idiot...but hey, tomato, tomato...
haha-idiot-no pscyhologists agree with you-but i guess we shoudl listen to some redneck living in his mother's old trailer...
your father's cokk?
idiot-most humans have sex for pleasure
thast a stupid thing to say-anything intelligent in that wee brain?
youre an uneducated idiot. Prop 8 TOOK AWAY marriage from gays-dummy! and marriage has been redefined as recently as 50 years ago-when bigots like you were forced to accept interracial marriage! and you too will be forced to accept gay marraige as law in a few months idiot-please tell me you havent bred-god help us!
Michael, youre an idiot-HIV doesnt make you thin. And your 1 in 5 stat is incorrect-its less than that
wrong, oh bitter queen (youre a big fat gay guy right?)-men as everyone knows, are driven physically so when you have two men, they of course take better care of their bodies. Women are emotionally driven so looks arent that important to them (straight women only take care of themsleves because they want to attract men). So two women together-not a high priority-so they get fat...
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