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If I were that film maker I'd sue.
Spot on.
What? She doesn't pay close attention???? Can't she look down and figure out what she is traveling in?? Baloney....she knows.
Some hospitals 'transport' discharged patients to other cities and/or states if said patient has nowhere to go. Maybe Texas citizens could volunteer to transport illegal aliens back to the border. Couldn't hurt. We need a BIG citizen revolt in this country!
I'm not usually dense, but I don't get this remark. What is he getting at???
The time just seems to crawl by, doesn't it???
Amen to Navy-baby is what I meant.
Although this is an important post, correct spelling would make it much easier to read.
If the sequester 'happens', who is to guarantee the cuts will be made? This government is in complete anarchy, flouting laws and ignoring rules, so who's to say these departments will actually cut the required spending??
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