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All you have to know about this uproar is that GLAAD gave their highest award last year to Dan Savage, who is probably the most file man on the planet. Things he said are not offensive to the mob at GLAAD, but quoting scriptures is. Liberals cannot debate, and it is easy to understand why. When you are wrong about everything, how can you convine others you are right. You can't, so the only option you have is to shout them down or shut them up. Watch any talk show with a liberal guest and a conservative guest. The liberal will not shut up, and will do everything in their power to talk over the conservative. That's why I've stopped watching Hannity, he allows the liberals to run the show.
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Put Some Clothes On

NCO77 Wrote: Dec 20, 2013 2:39 PM
I started trying this years ago and it is amazing the reactions I get. First, you have to realize that when idiots do something to draw attention to themselves, they want people to get upset. It is cool to get some old guy or gal to look at them with disgust. They can sit around at their next Latte party and tell the story of how they got an old guy all torked up and they'll all have a good laugh. What people that age cannot stand, I mean what kills them, is to be laughed at. So, that's what I do. I see a kid with his pants down around his ankles and I don't make a face, I laugh out loud while I'm staring at him. Sometimes I'll point at him to my wife and she'll laugh too. It is truly funny to watch these tough kids, out to show the world they are different, crumble when they get laughed at. I picture them running home to their basements and curling in to a fetal postition, while wetting themselves. Hopefully, they think for a second too. Maybe, just maybe they'll think "I'm not wearing that out again, I don't like being laughed at."
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