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The Truth in Love Police

NCLaw441 Wrote: Feb 11, 2013 3:49 PM
The main reason that we ought not use government to help the poor and the sick is that government is wasteful of that which is entrusted to them. They allow those who ought not be entitled to charity to receive it, to waste it and defraud government into giving it to them in the first place. The government wastes huge sums of money in the bueaucracy that doles out the funds. When government gives out other peoples' money, those who received mistakenly believe that they have a RIGHT to it, not that it is in fact charity. Private individuals do it better, more efficiently and at less cost.

Liberal academics have been using speech codes for years. They hear an idea they don't like and it makes them angry. But they don't quite know how to defeat the idea on its own merits. So instead of either a) taking the time to cool down and offer a rational response, or b) actually changing their view, they simply give in to the impulse to censor. That is why our campus speech codes really don't reduce so-called hate speech. They simply embolden those who hate speech.

I wish I could say that this childish inclination toward censorship is unique to liberal...