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Soon (if it has not already occurred) there will be a lawsuit claiming that having to wait 30 years for execution is cruel and unusual punishment, and people like Irick will have to be released. Just wait.
On another site about this story I saw a great post: "When I go on a picnic I always bring a 'No Ants' sign." I almost laughed out loud.
I agree, as usual, with nearly all that Dr. Carson has to say. My problem (other than my apparent naivete) is not so much with Dr. Wehby's stated position regarding abortion rights. My problem is that she doesn't believe what she is saying in that regard, but takes the position because it makes her a viable candidate. Dr. Carson says as much in this column. She should either say, "I am pro-life, but I recognize that those I would represent largely are not, and will therefore vote in accordance with the constituents I represent, despite my personal views," or she should not run. Let someone who actually believes in the position she states run in her place. Again, I acknowledge that I am naïf (naïve is for females). I just believe that one should run on one's actual positions, not on one's that help you win.
I don't support SSM, but if the people's vote is unconstitutional under the US Constitution, it can be overturned. Imagine a law passed by a state requiring a criminal defendant to testify against himself. If the state had a referendum allowing that, it would be overturned.
Not to equate them, but there has been murder in every culture as well. Doesn't mean that God supports it.
America-- I agree that homosexual behavior is a choice, but one's orientation may not be a choice. It may be genetic (but I doubt it-- I know identical twins, one of whom is gay and the other is not. They are genetically the same.) or it may be psychologically induced in some way, or it could be chosen (e.g. Ellen DeGeneres's first "mate" who is no longer gay--just wacko).
Herald-- Compassion is to be encouraged. We need more of it today. Tolerance as well. Jesus DID show compassion many times. One example was the woman caught in adultery who was about to be stoned to death. Jesus showed compassion to her (and saved her life with the simple question directed to her accusers, "Who among you is without sin? Let him cast the first stone.") But then, when all the accusers had dropped their rocks and gone home, He told her: "Go and sin no more." Was He not compassionate because He told her that she had sinned?
Here's a reason: Society supports marriage as an institution, in part, because it maintains close contact between biological parents of children. It makes it more likely that they will be supported and nurtured as they should be. True, not all marriages result in children, but is still one of the reasons it is supported. So, homosexual marriage, being by definition unable to result in children of the spouses, marriage between siblings or parents (potential genetic issues, as well as disruption of social relationships-- the non-forking family tree) or marriage to inanimate objects (I read about a guy who wanted to marry his porn-filled computer) don't make sense and are prohibited.
True, tinsldr2, but almost any thing that happens in the news will not change your marriage. That does not make it good. 276 young girls were kidnapped in Nigeria. That didn't change your (or my) marriage. It was still wrong.
Not to equate the two, but hate (or insert the misbehavior of your choice) has been going on thousands of years also. It doesn't justify it.
I hate what these (probably) pretend Satanists are doing, but if I could persuade them to consider believing in God, I'd give it a shot. No Christian should wish hell on any other person, in my view.
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