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Live Free -- And Uninsured

NazisStoleOurCountry Wrote: Jul 04, 2012 10:54 PM
Let's just cut through all the BS and stay focused gang, The commies are just using this as yet another social vehicle for more and more control over our lives, It has absolutely nothing to do with healthcare. 99.9% of democrats, actually Commies these days, could give a shi* whether anyone lives or dies, period. They just want yet another area of control of our lives. Any issue will do, whether it’s race, homosexuality, women’s rights - it’s all the same to them. Just grab an issue and take more and control of all of us by passing more and more laws.
The DNC literally spend millions of dollars putting on democrat moles on these conservative websites. For months, we witnessed faux conservatives pushing for McRomney. Now that he is our de facto nominee, notice how quickly that activity died down? See anything wrong with that picture if conservatives REALLY wanted him?
That's so funny - and likely true. You guys are hilarious. Real funny humor has a large element of truth to it. Ever hear Chris Rock joke about fellow blacks? You'll fall out of your chair laughing!
Then you must hate Romney near as bad as I do.
Anne, batten down the hatches. I believe there are people around Obama who want to get it on because it is all coming apart at the seams. Nothing Obama has done was by mistake. This is all being closely choreographed, and some of our own people know what is coming down. Obama is being used and manipulated by very, very powerful people, many outside this country. They have to move now because they fear they’re losing control of the information highway, and Google is in on it as well. Facebook and Twitter are also government fronts.
Anne, anyone who held office in Massachusetts is more of an immediate suspect than OJ Simpson was.
Jason, did you ever nail these two useless, near traitoruus son-of-a-bit***ches.
What's wrong with this picture, boys and girls? A hard-working businessman, offering a good product for a reasonable price becomes a millionaire and all the kiddies are now taught that he is a greedy capitalist and has too much money. However, the kiddies are taught to adore and love Commie actors like George Clooney reading mere lines they didn't write into a camera and making BAZILLIONS of dollars for essentially nothing - and making infinitely more for one crappy movie than that hard-working business man will ever make in his entire lifetime.
I could just see Blitzer interviewing Sharpton. "You know, you're entirely right, Mr. Sharpton, whites are treating you folks just like slaves."
Hmm, someone should ask Beagle Boy just who it was who delivered those slaves to the ships.
Brimley, funny stuff. However, it occurred to me that most people who vote for Obama would see nothing wrong with that big placard stating, "2+2=9!"
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