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Video: Paul Ryan's Greatest Hits

naynay Wrote: Aug 11, 2012 4:11 PM
You obviously did not watcht the above....and you live in a dream world, much like Obama does in thinking that America will survive with a 24 trillion dollar liability at the end of an Obama second term... Obama has no plan, other than stimulus and giving our tax dollars to foreign countries to outsource jobs, which he has done in the last three years....those of us who run small businesses get it. Obama is at war with the middle class because that is where the money is as the true 1% can't pay that much more in taxes because they already pay 44% of all income taxes paid. The remaining tax payers are people like me who Obama despises and says that I didn't earn my success because some shitty public school unionized teacher inspired me!

Courtesy of Video Truffle, "This is Why Paul Ryan is the Vice Presidential Nominee"