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Representatives Welcome Chick-fil-A to Their Districts

naynay Wrote: Aug 04, 2012 1:11 PM
If people think the Family Research Council is hateful because they lobby for Traditional Marriage, then why isn't the same standard applied to the Organizations that Amazon and Starbucks donates to, which lobby in support for gay marriage? Problem with the gay community, they support censorship for disagreement and their code word is "hate". Problem is the majority of Americans who do not support their view of gay marriage KNOW they don't hate, and the term is becoming overused and ineffective. Black folk and the current Administration have so overused the term "racist" that it has no meaning anymore, because the SAME people are called racist by another faction of the far left speech fascists.....

Regardless of whether you agree with gay marriage or traditional marriage, this move is hands-down a smart business one in a stuttering economy, plus it stands up for free speech, which really is a bipartsian issue: Missouri GOP Rep. Alan Nunlee has sent a letter to Chick-fil-A welcoming the franchises' "investment" in their districts.

Nunlee's statement on his website points out the intolerance of discouraging someone's business from your city if you don't agree with the owner's personal views: "Elected officials that are now threatening to block...

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