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Ka-Ching: Team Romney Rakes in $5.5 Million After ObamaCare Upheld

naynay Wrote: Jul 01, 2012 1:32 AM
Dude Chill out....If Romney wins and we control both houses, Romney can then repeal healthcare....but that is not enough. If he gets to choose TWO super conservative Alito / Scalias to the court, then the church who has a lawsuit pending about the first ammendment, can bring this law BACK UP to the court and the majority can then put the entire mandate or tax or penalty to bed and set a precedent, making Roberts look like the p_ssy that he is.....Long Shot Yes, Impossible No.

When people say Thursday's Supreme Court ruling was a big win for President Obama, the Romney Campaign must shake their heads just a little bit. Since the ruling, Team Romney has raked in $5.5 million. That money isn't coming from big time donors at fundraisers, but is made up of 55,000 separate donations, with 65 percent of those people donating for the first time.

These numbers come after Romney outraised President Obama in May, spent less and Obama seems to be draining his war chest quickly.

Just one month after the start of the general...