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The Sliming of "Pink Slime"

nawlins72 Wrote: Apr 06, 2012 1:11 PM
I can't find any repository on this type of science, but I would assume that highly virulent diseases would spread quicker in the feedlot, due to proximity of the cattle. A study on Campylobacter in chickens showed that carriage rates were the same in "factory" vs. free range, due to the fact that the origin of the C. jejuni tends to be the soil. Food production is a business. Farmers want the most meat per unit animal, so having smaller "free range" animals vs. bigger feedlot finished animals is more common. This doesn't even touch the land usage that "free range" consumes.

Jamie Oliver, TV’s “Naked Chef,” (yeah, not sanitary) is a food snob. He has turned his notoriety into a nice side career in advertising.

In England, he is sort of the man. He is a prolific pitchman … advertising everything from food preparation products to utensils to wine. And for 11 years, he was the face of all advertising for Sainsburys, the Safeway of England.

But he fell out of favor with the chain when he admitted he never shops at Sainsburys or any other supermarket. They are factories, he said. Guys like him, who truly know and love and...