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"Scandal:" One of Mitt Romney's Spokesmen is Gay

nawlins72 Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 9:14 PM
Truncheon: "It's a misconception that atheists or agnostics "advocate" their view" You are advocating your view right now. If you were not, you wouldn't have posted your initial disagreement. You are advancing your view as a correction of my view, thus advocacy." You truncated my statement above, which changed it's context. Atheists do not "advocate" in the manner that the religious "proselytize". Debating topics is not "advocacy" as you wish to believe. If I state that a square is not round, does that make me an advocate for squares? You're reducing concepts to absurdities.

Outrage!  Or something!  Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has "stepped on a landmine" by having the temerity to appoint -- I hope you're sitting down -- an openly gay national security spokesman, according to one leader of a social conservative group.  Once you've pried yourself from the floor, feel free to persuse some choice excerpts from this person's incensed column:

Gov. Mitt Romney stepped on a landmine by appointing Richard Grenell, an out, loud and proud homosexual, to be his spokesman on national security and foreign policy issues. Grenell has for years been an...