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Privileges and Responsibilities

nawlins72 Wrote: Sep 04, 2012 8:24 PM
"Broadcasters use public airwaves and make a lot of money from them. " And here we see how many conservatives are really just "progressive-lite". Thomas regurgitates the "public airwaves" nonsense, an absurd notion peddled by early century Progressives and finally enacted into law by politicians who desired to control this new form of media. How is it a "public airwave"? What did the "public" do to turn the airwaves into a functional means of transmitting information? Nothing, that's what. But statists pander this garbage to the masses when it benefits their agenda.
nawlins72 Wrote: Sep 04, 2012 8:29 PM
"Because of that and because networks are run by Americans, they have a duty to perform in the public interest. Carrying just one hour of each convention is a dereliction of that duty."

Thomas continues reading from the Leftist playbook: "duty to perform in the public interest". Does Thomas have such a duty? What is the "public interest" given that the "public" is composed of 300 million individuals with differing interests? Why should the networks be required to give ANY time to the conventions, seeing as how they give government and politicians endless hours of talking time and coverage? Hour after hour to peddle lies and fabrications for the purpose of protecting their careers. Who else gets such coverage and exposure?
My first political convention was in 1964 when Democrats convened in Atlantic City to nominate Lyndon Johnson for a full term as president. I was a young copyboy at the NBC News network bureau in Washington. We arrived from Washington aboard a chartered DC-3 plane that also carried the late anchor/reporter Frank McGee and his wife.

Emotions were still raw from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy only nine months before. A floor battle over the seating of the delegation from Mississippi added to the drama and public interest. The "Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party," which was integrated, demanded...