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'Fiscal' Conservatism Needs 'Social' Conservatism

nawlins72 Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 11:07 AM
Anominus wrote: ".. but I disagree on the drug laws. Drug use is always harmful - including legal drugs, like alcohol and tobacco and certain prescriptions. If they harm the user's health, chances are they also harm those in the user's environment, family, neighbors, and a spreading circle of society. I've seen the effects, having worked for the courts, and I can tell you that the consequences are not "fuzzy" in the least." You can disagree with it all you like, but that doesn't make it true. You either live under a rock or are completely dishonest to claim that ALL use is harmful.
Anominus Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 11:12 AM
Yes, working for the court, dealing with drug abusers and their families, is definitely the same thing as "living under a rock," numbnuts.
nawlins72 Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 11:16 AM
So you believe that these individuals represent ALL drug users? You extrapolate those in the judicial system to be everyone? My God this is absurd.
Blandernr1001 Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 11:24 AM
That happens whether teh substance is legal or not......making it illegal does NOT change the what the point?....jut talking away more of our liberty?...not for me.
Anominus Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 11:36 AM
"So you believe that these individuals represent ALL drug users?"

Nope, but the more of them I deal with and the more I research their cases, the more reasonable it becomes to believe that a large number of these individuals started out as normal, rational people who experimented with recreational drugs and followed the natural progression of their habit to get their fix. By the time they get here, they are quite changed from who they were.

It's totally "absurd" to base one's opinions on the facts they observe.
nawlins72 Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 11:42 AM
But your "facts" are biased samples. Of course these people started out as "normal", that is the default position. But their current position does not equate to ALL users. I know many believe that every user of pot must be a pot head, but this is completely false.
Anominus Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 12:20 PM
By "normal," I am referring to those people who did not start out mentally ill.
For some years now, we have been told about a major division within American conservatism: fiscal conservatives vs. social conservatives.

This division is hurting conservatism and hurting America -- because the survival of American values depends on both fiscal and social conservatism. Furthermore, the division is logically and morally untenable. A conservative conserves all American values, not just economic ones.

By "social conservatism," I am referring to the second and third components of what I call the American Trinity -- liberty, "In God We Trust" and "E Pluribus Unum."

It is worth noting that a similar bifurcation does not exist on the left. One...

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