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Conscience, Not Guns

nawlins72 Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 7:15 AM
Due to the absurd legal descriptions used to define "assault rifles", undoubtedly since this included numerous non-military rifles. And by your argument, any item that has no "verifiable" history is subject to restriction.
From the moment Americans learned of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre last Friday, the entire left -- editorialists, columnists, broadcasters, politicians -- used the occasion to promote one idea: gun control.

For the left, the primary reason for just about all American gun murders is the availability of guns.

I have no interest in debating gun control here. I only wish to ask the left one question: We have a massive system of drug control laws. Yet, the left is the first to argue that the war on drugs has been a failure. And whether or not one deems...

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