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Boston Terrorists Now Bomb the Taxpayers

nawlins72 Wrote: Apr 25, 2013 5:26 PM
"Now, he's protected by our laws, and valuable intelligence information will be lost. All American citizens who do such things forfeit their Civil Rights." It's the onus of the State to prove guilt. As much as one may fantasize about swift and perfect justice, the reality is that such safeguards (however imperfect) are better than allowing the State to decide when a defendant's rights be respected. We already wrongfully convict numerous individuals. No reason to incentivize this atrocity.

Did the people of Massachusetts inadvertently fund the terrorists and pay for the ingredients that went into making the bombs on April 15th?  That very well could be the case since it is now being reported that the Tsarnaev brothers, or at least one of them was drawing taxpayer funded state welfare benefits.  It is ridiculous to think that hard earned tax dollars were paid out in welfare benefits to these radical Islamic terrorists.  State officials are confirming that the older brother (who by the way, stayed at home while his wife worked), along with his wife and child...