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Prepare for 0B0ehnerCare. J0hnny will "fix" it into single payer so his b0y 0blamer gets his legacy and the TEA party gets theirs..........
liberalsupermoron is probably 19
The gutless 0verspending party is the problem zit that we need to pop
Its not a lie. It is a 3 year long fantasy pledge. Where is J Boehner?
They are in witness protection with Boehner,McConnell, Pete King and Cornyn
I really love how Levin calls both these guys out for their early career support of Jimmy Carter and GHW Bush against Reagan. Puts both of them into proper perspective
Conn, shouldn't you and Guy be attacking Ted Cruz right now instead of playing Dr. Obvious?
Arnold for President! Right, Cali?
me too. The GOP will NOT fix the problem. They are the problem. They HATE their base and LOVE the Bush family and toady Karl
When he suspends elections in 2016, it will no longer be a joke even to the NBC tools
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