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So the senate sells us out again.There should be no amnesty for tens of millions of foreign criminals.What to do with em.Simple,nothing.No citizenship,no welfare,no food stamps.They can work their own problems out.Everyone I know around the country is boiling.And not just for immigration.The civilution is coming.Don't just need to take on the Fed's but all the parasites and union scum that support them,
Ya,that list of yours is taps for the country.When does the civilution start?
The fact that John McCain and Jeff Flake both of Arizona are in league with one of the biggest left wing scumbags Chuck Schumer speaks volumes to the massive sell out the American people,the rule of law and hardworking taxpayers.Hey how's Rubio working out for all you I love this guy cuz he's so damned good looking.It's how Obama got in.Don't think the country will ever recover.
Absolutely no proof.Trust us and go away.Another massive snow job.Obama's NSA is using KGB tactics to collect all of our personnel information for totally nefarious reasons that have nothing to do with terrorism.We're conservatives and they hate us.IRS is proof positive.
You would think that Vladimir Putin would be Obama's biggest cheerleader.Obama has accomplished in under five years what the Soviet Union tried to do for decades.Destroy the United States.And he did it by turning the NSA into the KGB.
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Is this Man a Traitor or a Hero?

Navy Colt.45 Wrote: Jun 16, 2013 7:49 PM
Edward Snowden did right thinking Americans a great service by showing us how the NSA has morphed into the American version of the KGB.Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave.
It didn't take Rubio long to sell out to the ancient scum of the Senate.
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Saying Goodbye to Cars?

Navy Colt.45 Wrote: Mar 13, 2013 12:05 PM
Well Mike it's nice to know you raised an entitlement son.When I got my first car I had to get a summer job to pay for it.Then my old man insured and titled it for me.A good work ethic is lacking in a lot of young people today.And I'm still driving my 1968 GMC C10 step side LWB pick up.
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What Rand Paul Got Right

Navy Colt.45 Wrote: Mar 13, 2013 11:50 AM
Rand Paul did a great thing that day.Instead of hobnobbing and kissing the butt of the enemy.Paul opened a few more eyes to the evil corrupt communists that are running this country.And I'm can't wait to see more of it.
Thank God Herr Bloomberg wasn't in charge on 9/11 or all a New Yorkers would be banging their heads on the ground five times a day.
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