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Trouble Brewing in GOP

Navy-baby Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 12:32 PM
Today in the news: a federal judge in Jefferson City, MO, just struck down a law passed by the state legislature exempting those with moral objections to the contraceptive mandate--because it is in conflict with an insurance requirement within Obamacare, which takes precedence over the states. So, essentially, the federal government has neutered churches, businesses, and individuals--which prior to Obama, were covered by the conscience clause. No conscience clause; no rights of protection for Christian beliefs. The end.
For the first time, I am wondering about the long-term viability of the Republican Party. I say this not as an advocate of its demise or restructuring but as an observer of troubling signs.

The Republican Party is thought to be the institutional vehicle for the advancement of conservative policies, but for decades, the conservative movement has been frustrated with the party's deviation from conservative principles -- its refusal to live up to its decidedly conservative platform.

I believe that the disappointing results for Republicans in the 2006 elections and probably the 2012 elections, as well, were in no small part attributable to...

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