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Pro-abortion Crowd Hijacks “Amazing Grace,” Sings “Amazing Texas Women” Instead

Navy-baby Wrote: Jul 01, 2013 5:43 PM
Dear Lord, how we have fallen so far in this once Godly country. We used to protest the inequality of making blacks ride in the back of the bus, or be denied service at lunch counters...and in my area, they were denied use of our beautiful beaches, being relegated to the rocky, unpleasant areas. Now, people protest FOR the RIGHT to murder the unborn in the second trimester when viability is now clearly established. I personally know of two, healthy and thriving children who were born that prematurely. God help the USA!
Inside the State Capitol of Austin today as the new pro-life bill HB2 was filed in the Texas State House, anti-abortion activists sang “Amazing Grace” to demonstrate their support for the unborn. However, it wasn’t long before abortion proponents began to yell and chant over them, eventually coming up with a rendition of their own. With their matching orange shirts and “Stand With Wendy” signs, the pro-abortion crowd began to sing “Amazing Texas Women” to try and silence the pro-lifers in the rotunda.