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Living a Life of Meaning

Navy-baby Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 7:34 PM
Exactly; just as the silent majority of Americans watched as Terri Schiavo was dehydrated and starved to death BY COURT ORDER! It took two horrifying, painful weeks--while her parents and siblings could only stand by, not even allowed to wet her dry, cracked lips. This is compassion???


One couple’s unique background is helping them bring a pro-life message to the black community and beyond.


Excerpted from Townhall Magazine's February Townhall of Fame installment by Leah Barkoukis:

In 2010, the face of a worried looking African-American boy was plastered across 80 billboards in Georgia with a message any passerby would be hard-pressed to forget: “Black children are an endangered species.” In partnership with Georgia Right to Life, this was The Radiance Foundation’s...