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A very strong athlete hitting a woman, for whatever reason... THAT IS NOT LOVE!
Physical violence doesn't ever solve IS the problem here. A real man should be able to walk away from an abusive woman; women rarely have the ability to simply walk away from an abusive man. The physical disparity, the emotional connection women (stupidly, IMO) feel even for a serial abuser boyfriend or spouse, and the low-esteem from constantly belittling mental abuse keep too many of these women in a degrading relationship. There must be harsh consequence for "celebrities" who act violently toward women, because they are in the limelight and if this behavior is not checked in some negative way, it becomes acceptable to young people who idolize and emulate them.
I rather think Cruz could handle the presidency because of his common sense, patriotic valor, and heroic, lonely stands against the BOTH political parties.
The faces of his "wallpaper people" who are constantly on camera BEHIND him at many of his speeches really bother me. Their head-nodding, hand-clapping, and ear-to-ear grins do nothing but distract me from his actual words. Guess that's the plan...but don't you dare call it "theatre" or "optics."
Isn't Sept. 10 a very bad date on which to schedule this particular speech? Almost could be construed as an "I dare you." Kind of makes me queasy...
The 6' 5" man was genetically programmed to grow to that height...just as you ultimately stopped at 5'. Nothing either of you had control over. Why should he have to purchase a ticket at 4 times the price of yours? What if his 5' tall wife is traveling with him? His little children, too? In order to accommodate more passengers on one flight, the airlines have reduced the overall cabin room just at a time when a greater number of people have grown much taller than previous generations. In 1960, a 6' man was considered very, many young men are 6' 5 and even taller. (I am a 5' 2" woman, but my son is 6' 5".)
(a la President Clinton) I can just hear Obama say: It all depends on the definition of what IS IS. Obviously, to Obama, this "JV team" is hardly worth a second the rest of us, ISIS is clearly our ENEMY!
No one is "forcing," but it currently costs as much to travel by car (figuring 3 DAYS travel, high gas prices, and added hotel costs) vs a 5 or 6 hour flight. And not every destination can be reached by car, bus...or even train. In this economy, many people would rather save the time. Time is valuable, too.
1). Airlines have to pay MUCH MORE for do we every time we fill up our cars. Thank the government for expensive regulations, lack of new refineries, and their "climate change" histrionics. 2). The flying public MUST HAVE cheap's all most travelers can afford. (Driving to a far destination costs nearly as much because of gas prices.) Thank our government for the recession, unrelenting unemployment, and the continuing bad economy. If the airplane seats still recline, even with less leg room (by design) between the rows, it is the airlines' fault when a passenger is annoyed that their limited paid-for-space is encroached upon by the person in front. What do they expect will happen? Apparently, they don't really care.
Except that #5 only means most of them will probably RECEIVE money each year from "earned income tax credits" because of low income due to lack of English competency. What a country!
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Obama Has Declared Himself King

Navy-baby Wrote: Sep 06, 2014 9:58 AM
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