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I can't get past Osteen's million-dollar smile with his bright-white teeth and squinty-eyes, to even listen to what his says...if I cannot see a sincere smile light up someone's eyes, I figure it's fake. He doesn't motivate me; but I agree that is more his style than that of "preacher."
Dave, but I don't think this nurse was previously isolated...only doing self-monitoring...before she was admitted with fever. So isn't it possible that she was going about her daily chores to the grocery, bank, mall, etc.? The physician at the news conference said she had not worked in the prior two it sounds like she HAD been attending other patients after Duncan, and before developing a fever.
I left a particular parish because the priest gave a homily in which he touted (and explained for us lowly uninformed) the "two truths." Really??? Wonder which "truth" he believes Jesus instructed, and commanded of me? Being an old fuddy-duddy, I guess my timeless, Biblical truth isn't enlightened enough for our modern culture.
Yes...I read that the crew cleaning Duncan's apartment wore THREE layers of gloves in order to facilitate the removal of protective clothing in stages. That sounds smart, but may not be practical for hand-on patient care? My main concern is that this patient was also "out and about" because they believed their gear totally protected them. And, now, these same officials say they fully expected another case after Duncan, but kept telling the rest of us not to worry. My son is a first responder...and I AM WORRIED.
Just saw the video conference...and the scariest part was that they had been wearing FULL protective gear while caring for Duncan, but had not been isolated themselves, just monitoring their temps! But, hey, the officials still say that Dallas is safe, and they are confident in the CDC protocols they are following..............right.
If this healthcare worker was exposed on Duncan's first visit to the ER, (when he was sent home) it doesn't bode well for Dallas as that facility obviously was not decontaminated until he returned two days later...if then. My hope is that his unfortunate person was one of the known and "isolated" group. But, let's keep hearing how preventing entrance for Duncan, and other dishonest visitors like him, "wouldn't make a difference." Can't Congress stop the inbound flights from these affected nations, and deny entrance to anyone with a passport stamp from there in the prior three weeks? U.S. humanitarian aid workers and our military should be quarantined when they return as well. Somebody needs to protect the citizens of this country since our own president will not.
I live in FL, lois, and things are not bad here in my neck of the why would we want to put Charlie-the-flipper back in charge of our state? What exactly does he have to offer, other than his close association with Morgan and Morgan Law Group whose millions are being spent on the so-called medical marijuana ballot initiative? Just what we need here...more impaired drivers and voters, because the legislation will allow ANYONE to claim they are a "caregiver" who needs to purchase legal pot for a patient with ANY ailment. Oh, and these "caregivers" will be exempt from law suits...great.
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Kicking Cars to the Curb

Navy-baby Wrote: Oct 10, 2014 10:14 AM
The Al Gore-Hysterical Club members will be the first in line for exemptions. You cannot expect THEM to give up their stretch-limos or government-issue SUVs which they leave running with the A/C on...for hours...while they attend conferences on global warming!
Regarding your last paragraph...same goes for any other "definition of marriage." YOUR personal moral code or argument might be next on the chopping block...there is NO standard now, and a three-person "marriage" will probably be the next challenge; there is nothing but current cultural acceptance standing in the way...and we all know how quickly that can be swayed.
Exactly! If it were truly "states' rights," the courts wouldn't be able to overturn the will of the people. What is the point of ELECTING a conservative state legislature anymore if they can be nullified by just a few judges on the courts... Apparently, "we the people" have no power against the secular court rulings of today. Now the Christians must sit down, shut up, and can only speak of God and morality in our churches. Isn't that the very definition of discrimination?
And Duncan loved his girlfriend and his son so much that he was willing to lie about his exposure to the unfortunate Ebola victim in Libera, just so that he could be here with them when his own symptoms ravaged his body. That's real love, right?
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