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What Happened?

Navy-baby Wrote: Nov 11, 2014 9:44 AM
I think this explains it well regarding the mindset of Obama... He actually said he also "heard" the voices of the millions who DIDN'T VOTE in the mid-terms; which is disgusting to me. Why pay attention to, or give credence to, a group which doesn't even bother to engage in our political system? Since everything in this world is "all about Obama" in his narcissistic eyes, I'm guessing he believes all those people wanted to keep the status-quo...therefore giving him cover to continue his "fundamental transformation." In his mind, MILLIONS of Americans still believe in him and his policies. How do we fight against that (very disturbed) mentality?
Roe v Wade was also based upon a lie that "Jane Roe" was gang-raped...she wasn't; not even raped at all, and the two feminist lawyers KNEW it. By the time the case reached the SC, the baby had been born and kept by her mother...who famously went on to become a pro-life advocate many years afterward.
And, in the end, only the rich will be able to afford good medical care...those who don't use Obsmacare, by the way. So, now we get to the real point of only the elite being the ones left to reproduce because a lack of quality healthcare was denied to all others...rendering a purely utopian society where the rich, politicos, and mostly-white-race make up this all-powerful leadership. Margaret Sanger's envision come true...
Yes...Obama did not have the power to make piecemeal changes to Obamacare, but he did it nearly 20 times, I believe. Once Congress allowed unfettered unconstitutional powers to this president, he thinks they will not stop anything else he does. Hopefully he has now met the new roadblock called Republicsn Control of Congress...and they had better use it!
Exactly right...which returning medical personnel will now willingly "self-quarantine." SHE didn't have to, so why should ANYONE?
As a woman, I would not have allowed my boyfriend/partner/whatever-he-is, to move back into the house and entertain me for the three weeks of my incubation period, either. IMO, that decision just compounds her selfish attitude and irresponsibility toward others.
Why does Chapman ignore the Ebola-infected Dr. Spencer in NYC? Trust the doctors and nurses, he says... Well, Dr. Spencer's irresponsibility is what immediately preceded the NJ and NY governors' mandatory quarantine orders. As Spencer and Hickox have clearly demonstrated, not ALL medical people are trustworthy.
Once my children were grown, I then took care of my parents. Rather than "dull my mind," it warmed my heart!
The most important issue is not the is the choice of moderators. Never again should the RNC allow the debates to be high-jacked by the MSM. Prior to the 2010 election cycle, we used to have a fairly balanced group of moderators. The Candy Crowley National Security debate was a disaster...SHE injected herself into the actual debate...AND was wrong. (But of course, her next-day apology was very, very, quiet.)
Sure wish some Republican national entity would sprout some courage by starting a campaign demonizing the Democrats' unwavering support for abortion as a REAL "War On Babies." Nancy Pelosi's "for the children" mantra is sickening, especially in light of her "pro-abortion-even-though-I-am-a-good-Catholic" meme. And she's just ONE high-profile Dem. who dons the War on Woman cloak whenever and wherever she has a microphone and an audience. She even wears that silly smile as she talks about women's rights to abort their child...yuk. Does she even understand that abortion always ends with a dead baby?
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Kaci Hickox, Self-Absorbed Hero

Navy-baby Wrote: Oct 30, 2014 11:12 AM
"Freedom" to possibly spread a deadly disease is NOT a Conservative ideal.
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