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Perhaps this is why so many minority men are angry and mean...why so many minority men treat women like breeders, instead of respected women to be cherished and protected. It is destructive behavior that needs to change in order to achieve equality..physically and mentally broken children and teens do not make the best students. Maybe that is an important clue that we've been ignoring...
Agreed. You are proof that it doesn't need to continue from generation to generation...wisdom and understanding teaches children better lessons than abuse ever did.
Probably true...and I'm sure my poor, white, southern dad got a switching many times; but he didn't perpetuate that harsh "discipline" with his own children. This mean-spirited and out-of-control punishment is done out of ignorance, plain and simple, and should not be tolerated any longer.
NOW supports much more abusive can one get? We think that ISIS is barbaric with their beheadings, but consider what WE in America tolerate in the innocuous name of "choice" or the "right to choose." The young fetus is dismembered...or chemically burned by saline (inside and out) and the paid "medical" staff then check the "product of conception" to make sure nothing is left in the woman to cause infection...counting tiny, baby body parts for a living. The older, viable fetus during partial-birth abortions, has its brains sucked out and its skull crushed before delivery...and if it still breathes, gets its spinal cord severed...all without anesthesia. Those who support this obvious child abuse are just as barbaric as ISIS.
Child Peterson's incident WAS...should not be tolerated ANYWHERE, but most-especially when the perpetrator earns millions of dollars, is in the national spotlight, and is supposed to be a role model for minority kids. How people can just ignore this brutality...a big, athletic football player vs his FOUR year-old child!! Do you think he can change his so-called inherited propensity to accept, and mete out, this type of "discipline?" His excuses afterward didn't sound like he even acknowledges how WRONG he injurious his actions were to that little boy's body and mind...his own child, whom he should love and protect, not HURT. Sick. I give no second chances on that...many children don't survive the second time. THEY are the ones who pay the price for our reluctance to interfere in someone else's home life. These abusers should not be given the spotlight on the football field; they should be shamed.
Yep...the liberals fought to allow military women on the front lines in combat roles suited for men; There is a "War on Women" in society...but not from conservatives. What boys need to see is their dad respect and cherish their moms. Girls need to see their mom respecting dad, and acting like a lady. Thankfully, I grew up with both examples, and gifted my children with the same stable, loving, two-parent home life that I was blessed to have.
While I am so thankful that I do not have a child serving in today's military, I do have a child who is a first-responder here in the states. Once our military members return home after this assignment, first-responders will be at the front lines of the war on Ebola...without prior knowledge of the possible danger lurking in ANY medical call, how will precautions be taken, especially without a vaccine available before exposure? It is hard to believe that anyone would intentionally and willingly put our military...and our such risk facing an incurable, infectious disease. Why? And why has our southern border been allowed to be breached so wantonly? I am beginning to see a connect the dots...and it is frightening. Dear Lord, help us all. Our brave military and first-responders are sitting ducks.
Then please explain how the well-trained doctors and nurses from the west are contracting it? What will protect our military since these infectious disease specialists have been infected despite all their precautions?
You know, it should have been ALL the "pro-life democrats" as a united group, holding firm against Obamacare because of this. But, apparently their pro-life stand is not really a principled one, or they would not be democrats to begin with...
Notice that the president said "no FEDERAL dollars" will be used to fund abortions. THESE "discrepancies" are happening at the STATE level, which (in his mind) gives him wiggle-room a mile wide. Besides, "separating" the dollars going to the same insurance company, but designating a particular portion to pay for abortions, while the other pile does not, is just a matter of semantics anyway. We pro-lifers understood that from the beginning; it's how Planned Parenthood gets millions in federal funds every year...for mammograms, of course. Disgusting...I think I'll start calling THEM "pro-babykillers." That actually IS their preferred "choice."
I love the Bill Cosby "As Himself" video from the '70s where he has to feed his kids breakfast one morning, and he decides that the leftover cake contains milk and eggs, so the kids end up happily singing while they eat it: "Dad is great...he feeds us chocolate cake!"
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