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I just saw on another TH thread that the EMS crew that transported this patient have been isolated. Again...what about the vehicle...what about the next person transported in that truck? These brave first responders are probably at greater risk than the doctors and nurses now caring for the patient who were/are prepared for Ebola.
Okay, I admit that as the mom of a first responder, this subject is personal and it is frightening. How do they protect themselves when the early symptoms are like so many other viruses...do they go on every call dressed in Hazmat gear? How do they disinfect their rescue trucks between calls? How do they keep from spreading it to their own families? The CDC doctor said during today's news conference that "hand washing" kills the virus...REALLY??? If so, why are medical personnel contracting it after using gloves, suits, face masks and goggles? Why are the Red Cross badges being disinfected...not washed with soap and water? Dallas is a Petri dish without a lid. I guarantee the virus has already left the city. A quarantine should have been in place BEFORE visitors were allowed from West Africa...too late now. Stupid government!
Those Greek columns creeped me out! No American presidential hopeful should have displayed such personal grandiosity...why wasn't that seen as the warning sign it truly was?
Do you remember the Charlie Somebody's one-on-one interview with Sarah Palin during the '08 campaign? He looked down at her through his glasses, with a constant smirk on his face the whole time, and asked about the "Bush Doctrine" and other really hard-hitting issues. Perhaps the MSM should ask Obama to defend his own (non-existent) doctrine. In fact, he should be asked to defend his entire presidency. Fluff and stuff is what he's made of...no backbone in evidence.
I wish some good journalist would inquire how the middle class retirees are faring these days. They used to supplement their Social Security with interest payments from savings/CDs...rather than take long-term risks in the stock market (which doesn't pay out monthly anyway). Many Seniors who saved for retirement and were self-sufficient, have now become eligible for food stamps. Their former CD pays less than 1% currently...interest is purposely held artificially low so that the government can borrow more. They will say that the pay-off for low interest rates is so that young people can afford their McMansions (no one buys a small, "starter house" anymore) but HOW do these newbies save for the down-payment of 20% in this economy? Oh, that's right, Mr. Prez says a minimum wage increase is the answer...but middle class jobs won't increase salaries to cover the higher costs of products and services subject to the minimum wage increase. Again, the middle class gets squeezed, but I guess the new college grads aren't Obama's targeted demographic...he will have them by the neck until their loans are paid back. Once again, those who played by the rules and worked hard all their lives, see their savings go up in smoke in this "great economy." Thanks for nothing, Mr. Obama.
Did they ask Obama to comment on the beheading of the innocent woman in Oklahoma...by a Muslim convert? Has Obama asked her family to a Rose Garden tea with him yet? This isn't "workplace violence." It is WAR; and our president is unengaged, ignorant, and/or traitorous.
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Mr. President, How Is It NOT Islam?

Navy-baby Wrote: Sep 28, 2014 3:40 PM
Why did it take TWO bombs before Japan gave up? The first one was on us...with the ultimate goal of finally stopping the insane slaughter of millions during a protracted World War...but the second one, clearly knowing what utter destruction of their own Japanese civilians would most certainly be wrought, was ON THEM.
Crist worked for the Morgan and Morgan law firm after his first stint as Governor of Florida. He should disclose that fact whenever he discusses this medical marijuana ruse. Conflict of interest? John Morgan has put millions of his own money into getting this on the ballot, and is currently criss-crossing the state in his own huge, celebrity-style bus...and now it's possible that the issue is REALLY about getting liberals (Democrats) to vote for Crist? At least now I understand why Morgan is so willing to personally fund this proposed amendment that is so full of loopholes that I could throw Lake Okechobee right through it.
I don't watch much TV news any more, so please correct me if I am wrong,,,but has President Obama made a terse statement of outrage, on camera, about this beheading? Has he been as visibly disturbed and agitated as when his college professor-buddy claimed racism by the Cambridge police? Or, when he made that sad, sad face while claiming that if he had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin? If anything, THIS typically-terrorist, rage-filled attack on an innocent WOMAN, deserves much more attention from Obama and his administration than any other prior event during his presidency. Jihad has come to America...to our heartland. How soon before we see the copycats coming out of the woodwork? Why not...they have been emboldened by our stupid lack of believing it could ever happen here. Our "leaders" have placated our enemies...and that only makes them more likely to increase their horrors. They HATE us; why is that so hard to believe...even now?
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