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More so by the "physician" in my opinion. The doctor is not in a vulnerable crisis situation; the doctor KNOWS the unborn is a life (and alive); the doctor is getting PAID to perform the abortion; the doctor doesn't even care if the woman has complications once she leaves the clinic...so much for "compassionate healthcare."
Wow...poignant thought.
**late-term abortionists**
And that monster, abortionist Gosnell, is a Black man who preyed upon mostly minority women at his filthy, decrepit, house-of-horrors "clinic." The only reason "Black lives mattered" to him, was to snuff them out and make him a millionaire. Several other late-term abortions who have been recently exposed are Blacks as well...male and female "doctors." Why do these protesters not understand who their enemy really is?
So why would anyone sign-on to the 529 Plan going forward from here? I certainly don't see Obama's newest tax revenue proposal being a successful one. EXCEPT that it will probably send more middle class parents into the Student Loan Program...which is the more-likely reason for this takeover.
I'm with you...I don't even recognize the America of my birth; the one my dad willingly fought for during WWII.
Our local CC does have some very good career choices, like Firefighter, EMT, Paramedic, Diagnostic Coder, Dental Assistant, Sonogram and Radiology Techs. Plus, regular academic credits are ALL transferable to our State University system. If a student WANTS to take that route, fine; but those who CAN qualify for admission to a 4-year program shouldn't be penalized financially. I thought this Prez was adamantly pro-choice.
Guess he needs the 529 taxes to pay for his Community College Freebie.
"Nudge, nudge." Obama's way...or else you pay!
On this one day of the year, couldn't he just be silent?
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