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It is so illogical that it MUST be purposely devious... I just cannot think dishonestly, so I am perpetually and totally perplexed.
Adoption is the solution EVERYBODY can live with... She DOES have another option: Choose Life!
I just read that the TV show has declined her participation! Finally, something matters more than money...kudos to this "Big Brother" reality program!
The TV show should ban her, rather than be seen as complicit in her evil "choice." But the Libs still say that abortion is such a difficult and heart-rending decision for women...apparently not.
"Words...just words." THAT is Obama's philosophy, ideology, intent, and MO. "Hope and change" was just the prettied-up means to an end. All nothingness...disguised and sold as something wonderful. Intelligent people should NOT have fallen for it; twice...makes them just plain stupid!
All the while... our president and veep take goofy, grinning selfies! No worries!! Be happy!!
After observing the photo attached to this article, and several others from the 4/20 "celebration," what I keep wondering is: Why isn't second-hand marijuana smoke considered dangerous...especially for the children?
Thank you, Amy...your common sense and kindness in understanding others' faithful commitments is much appreciated.
Social Security is NOT an entitlement...and the pay-outs come from working taxpayers, not the government. Please rephrase, and accurately pick a real entitlement like Medicaid or food stamps. I do understand your point, though...just a bit touchy since being a newbie to SS. :)
They want to avert the natural consequences and responsibilities of traditional marriage: namely, children! Much of the gay marriage support comes from the anti-religion, greener Earth, we-are-doomed-if-we-procreate people.
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