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Thank you, Amy...your common sense and kindness in understanding others' faithful commitments is much appreciated.
Social Security is NOT an entitlement...and the pay-outs come from working taxpayers, not the government. Please rephrase, and accurately pick a real entitlement like Medicaid or food stamps. I do understand your point, though...just a bit touchy since being a newbie to SS. :)
They want to avert the natural consequences and responsibilities of traditional marriage: namely, children! Much of the gay marriage support comes from the anti-religion, greener Earth, we-are-doomed-if-we-procreate people.
I can agree with that.
Because once legal, it doesn't stop there...those opposed are FORCED to accept gay marriage, or lose their individual businesses and financial means of supporting their own families. Like the one photographer (successfully sued by gay couple) said, she had previously refused to take nude photos as well, so why did she have to acquiesce in only this case? Especially when the gay couple involved actually found a willing photographer...for less money.
What is the purpose of 50 separate state legislations, if not to do the will of a majority of THEIR voters? Gays CAN move to a state that welcomes their "marriage." Slaves COULDN'T pick up and move their households...so the comparison to civil rights in that context is moot.
Apparently...even AG Holder has told the states' Attorneys General they don't have to enforce laws they disagree with...what a sad joke our country has become under Obama.
They would rather believe the lies told about Romney than believe that a God-fearing rich man could actually be a decent leader...IMO, there was an element of jealousy in the vote, too.
You are not alone...I join with you, so now we have a majority of two.
NO...NEVER CITIZENSHIP for "law-abiding" ILLEGALS! TAKE POLITICS OUT OF IT: Green Card status should be their highest achievement...ever. When my hubby was a LEGAL alien, in the years prior to his Naturalization, he was still subject to deportation; he was required to show up annually IN PERSON to the nearest Immigration Office; show proof of address and work status. (Of course, we can only expect truly "law-abiding immigrants" to adhere to our laws and regulations...so aren't we back to square one...always?)
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