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I love the Bill Cosby "As Himself" video from the '70s where he has to feed his kids breakfast one morning, and he decides that the leftover cake contains milk and eggs, so the kids end up happily singing while they eat it: "Dad is great...he feeds us chocolate cake!"
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Mob Rule Economics

Navy-baby Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 11:27 AM
Yes...and I think common sense gets lost for many as they attend college with no real major or goal in mind. It's four or five years of playtime, resulting in an over-inflated sense of their own worth, just because they are "more educated" than the average laborer. As my master-auto-tech husband once told a snarky, demanding lawyer who was bragging about HIS very valuable time and self-worth: "But today, sir, YOU need a mechanic."
When will the general public realize that a chicken sandwich an inanimate object? It cannot call you names, stick its tongue out at you, or coerce you into buying it. Those who wish to support the team through this purchase have just as much freedom to choose to like Chick-fil-A, as those who prefer to donate money directly and bring their own food from home. ISIS is a problem...this petty stuff is just plain silly. The principal simply needs to mediate, not dictate.
When persons or groups are coerced into removing Christian SYMBOLS out of fear of a lawsuit... Isn't that is the main tactic of terrorism: to cause change and/or compliance out of FEAR? Disgusting; our freedom-based America is doomed.
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Is the Islamic State Really Un-Islamic?

Navy-baby Wrote: Sep 12, 2014 11:01 AM
If you are not born free to choose your religion...it is not a religion, but a cultural identity. It is a powerful cult, an enslaved and forced belief, a coerced community of frightened followers. Goodness does not come from despotic rule...and evil flourishes when the people are not free to oppose such atrocities committed in the name of religion.
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Post-9/11: Protect the Freedom To Warn

Navy-baby Wrote: Sep 12, 2014 9:07 AM
Only designed to LOOK like they are doing something. All fluff...no stuff...ever.
I am sure the timetable for our ending this "destructive campaign" will be given to ISIS very soon. It's Obama's personal beliefs and ideology of "American decency" just like in Afghanistan...as he reiterated our upcoming withdrawal at the BEGINNING of last night's speech. After that, all I essentially heard was, "Blah, Blah, Blah." He has learned NOTHING from his mistakes in Iraq. Or...does he even believe leaving Iraq without our support WAS a mistake?
Did he hold her, comfort her, and whisper a remorseful and sorrowful "I'm so sorry" to her? No; he dragged her out of the elevator caveman style, and dropped her on the carpet like she was no more important than a sack of potatoes. Not love...pure meanness, like kicking a dog; and I bet that would have had a more immediate, negative media impact.
A very strong athlete hitting a woman, for whatever reason... THAT IS NOT LOVE!
Physical violence doesn't ever solve problems...it IS the problem here. A real man should be able to walk away from an abusive woman; women rarely have the ability to simply walk away from an abusive man. The physical disparity, the emotional connection women (stupidly, IMO) feel even for a serial abuser boyfriend or spouse, and the low-esteem from constantly belittling mental abuse keep too many of these women in a degrading relationship. There must be harsh consequence for "celebrities" who act violently toward women, because they are in the limelight and if this behavior is not checked in some negative way, it becomes acceptable to young people who idolize and emulate them.
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