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Or teach at a well-known university...like O's friend, Bill Ayers.
But, remember what the MSM...and the IRS (or another gov't agency)...did to Joe the Plumber. Unfortunately, intimidation tactics do work with the majority of our citizens.
The chemicals inherent to the apparatus and firefighting gear stored in and around the fire station would be tremendously hazardous to a baby...they are already noticing a big uptick in various cancers in young, as well as retired, firefighters related to the constant presence of such chemicals in their workplace. Many fire trucks spew diesel fumes when parked in the station bay, and firefighters are exposed to a multitude of burning materials at every fire. A pregnant/nursing female firefighter is endangering her own child.
Agree...absolutely. The current GOP "leadership" makes me sick. I am so disgusted right now, that I am seriously thinking of dropping out of any future political discourse; why bother to vote when they treat us like our votes were not meant to change THEIR behavior by finally giving them the power to stop the president's go-around Congress. They don't WORK...they DEAL. Those in the Legislative Branch act like a bunch of dishonest swindlers for the most part, IMO. They talk pretty, but turn right around and deceive us. The entire Congress has been overtaken by GLIBNESS...and they DO think we are STUPID.
Smart move, m! That Darby is a cheeky one, you know.... :)
My son is a 6'5" firefighter...bet he could carry out almost anyone single handedly; but a female partner certainly wouldn't be able to save him in a bad situation.
They better ban the pretzel, too, if candy canes are disallowed. I've heard it explained that the original design and construct of a pretzel was in honor of the Blessed Trinity. (Guess that would mean a year-long ban since the pretzel is not primarily connected with Christmastime, but with Christianity in general.)
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The College Rape Club

Navy-baby Wrote: Dec 11, 2014 10:38 AM
If rape on campus is such a huge problem, why do the universities still have co-ed dorms? Seems they WANT to expose these kids to the sexual-norms of living together.
Sorry...should be a "tenet" of their faith.
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